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Memorial created 04-30-2008 by
Bruce Rhodes
Ash (Masters Perfect Ashlar)
May 22 2000 - May 5 2008

In loving memory of our Ash (Masters Perfect Ashlar) who we love so much.

Ash will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever...

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What's in a name?

Most people never knew Ash by his true name: Master's Perfect Ashlar. Ash came to us in 2000 when I was serving as The Worshipful Master of my Masonic Lodge. I knew that I wanted him to have a name with a Masonic reference but I didn't know quite what. It was my Father-In-Law who observed that he had a very square or "block-head". The word Ashlar means a block of stone for a building. In Freemasonry we recognize that stone blocks come in two forms: "Rough" and "Perfect". In the lectures, Entered Apprentices are told: 

The Rough Ashlar is a stone taken from the quarry in its rude and natural state; the Perfect Ashlar is a stone made ready by the hands of the Apprentice, to be adjusted by the working tools of the Fellow-craft; and the Trestle Board is for the Master Workman to draw his designs upon.

By the Rough Ashlar we are reminded of our rude and imperfect state of nature; by the Perfect Ashlar, of that state of perfection which we hope to attain by a virtuous education, our own endeavors, and the blessing of God; and by the Trestle Board we are reminded that as the operative workman erects his temporal building agreeably to the rules and designs laid down by the master on his Trestle Board, so should we, both operative and speculative, endeavor to erect our spiritual building agreeably to the rules and designs laid down by the Supreme Architect of the Universe, in the Great Book of Nature and of Revelation, which is our Spiritual, Moral, and Masonic Trestle Board.

I know that is heavy stuff but that's the sort of great aspirations that I had in mind for Ash...

However, he later proved to lean more toward the literal meaning than to the spiritual reference to his name. It didn't take long for him to earn the affectionate nickname "Block Head". It fit him perfectly.



I don't want a "boy dog"

I had never owned anything but females and generally regarded males as four-legged penises. I wanted a female because I like to "luv" on my dogs. I kiss them and rub them. I even sleep with them! That said, I have never known such an affectionate loving dog. He would kiss me until his tongue fell off. There are times that I thought he wanted to climb inside of me to get closer to me. He was never shy with his affection...


Chelsea taught him more than I ever did...

Chelsea was the "lead dog" and Ash knew it from day one. She was the retrieving machine and he was the comic relief. They would take to the field like Martin and Lewis. Chelsea's frustration with his lack of work ethic and failure to take his work seriously would show in her disciplinary tone. He could break up the most perfect retrieves by breaking from the line, and always with a clown's smile on his face.

The truth was, Ash was always content not being the "Alpha Dog" in the house. He would let her eat first and give up the preferred bed or favorite sleeping space when she indicated that she wanted it. She was his Queen.

That was until we lost Chelsea two years ago... It was amazing to see him evolve and step-up to take charge as top dog of the house. He used to hang back and follow her lead in response to a visitor or trespasser but he later learned to perceive and react as she had taught him.


But always with that clown's smile on his face!


Family man...

 There was one thing that Ash did really well. He was a great family dog. He had more than enough love to go around for everyone. Chelsea was always "my dog'. She was with us before Jeremy and Jenna arrived and they were not her responsibility. She was never mean to them but you could just tell that she regarded them as ours and I was hers.

Not so with Ash. He was their guardian. He would watch over them in the pool like a lifeguard. If he left his post to nap, it only took a loud splash, a giggle, or one of Jenna's screams to bring him to the edge of the pool. They would slide under him and pretend to be garage mechanics, changing his oil. He delighted in being called to wake them in the mornings. They would giggle and scream as he licked their faces or any exposed flesh.

In his mind, we were all his responsibility...his property...and worthy of his constant protection and service...


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