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Memorial created 05-3-2008 by
Patricia Ryan
December 23 1995 - May 1 2008

My GIRL!!!!!!!!!

In loving memory of our Kassi who we love so much. Kassi will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.

I remember the first time I saw you, I knew you were the one.  Of all the puppies, I picked you or was it the other way around?????  You were a gentle girl, your heart was as big as the world.  Remember I told dad you were a miniature German Shepherd lol.  We put you on an airplane, I know, you were scared.  Remember dad's face when he saw you"Some miniature German Shepherd" lol.  You curled up and sat next to me, I remember girl.  I also remember you didn't know how to walk up and down the stairs and I carried you :). 

Its been only five days and I can't believe you are not here :(  I'm expecting to see you in mom's bedroom on your bed.

Just to let you know that Lady Bug misses you.  Lady is hoping to see you, she goes to the window and sits by the door in hopes to see you.  Duke, he misses you and will not lay on your bed.  Mya, well you know, Mya is only a pup I had high hopes for you to train her.  The training is up to Lady Bug now.

We all miss you.  Mom looks at your pictures everyday and wishes you were here.

I can not stop crying for you girl, you are the best GSD. 

We miss you girl, my tears are not letting me write.  So, I will write about all your adventures another day.  Today it hurts too much.

I LOVE you Kassi.



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