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Memorial created 05-5-2008
May 14 2005 - May 5 2008

Best Friends


R.I.P Brutus

Brutus was one of the best dogs you could have. He never ate anything inside but outside he liked to eat lava rocks, sticks and plants. He was afraid to go on steps and hardwood floors. He loved to steal our socks. He never bit anyone and he always wanted to play or he wanted attention. He loved riding in the car. When someone had food he was right next to them. He also liked when Brett would sleep on the floor with him. He knew how to sit, lay down, stay, come, speak and shake hands. He didn't know how to fetch when you would throw a toy he would get it and run away so you would have to chase him.







Sitting On Couch

Brutus loved to sit on the couch. I don't know why but he probably thought he was just like a human.


Waiting For Brett

Brutus always got very excited when he heard or saw the school bus, because his buddy Brett was on it!


Being Lazy

Brutus wanted to be lazy when ever nobody was paying attention to him.


Playing In The Snow

When ever Brett went out to play in the snow Brutus was right behind him. He loved to eat the snow then stick his nose down in it and smell it.


Playing In The Snow

When we had a lot of snow Brutus could barely walk.


Playing With Friends

Brutus liked when Brett would have friends stay the night. He always wanted Brett and his friend to play with him.


Sleppy Brutus



This is one of Brett's favorite pictures of him and his brother.



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