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Ira (daddy)

Memorial created 05-6-2008 by
Ira Handelsman
August 11 1997 - May 5 2008

In loving memory of our Sassy who we love so much. Sassy will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever. Sassy came to us when she was 8 weeks old.  We knew at that time she was very special.  She was a princess!  She came to a family with 2 young boys and a little Boston Terrier named Marvin.  Both Sassy and Marvin were about the same age and became lifelong best buddys.  We lost Marvin 10 months ago to cancer and now we lost Sassy to the same.  They are now together again beating each other up and loving each other once again.  Loosing a pet is a difficult thing to live through, but knowing that Sassy and Marvin are back together again makes it a little easier.  Our hearts now feel shallow as we mourn our loss but as time goes by our hearts will be full again with the love and happiness that Sassy gave to us.  Later on in Sassys life, she was greeted to 3 new members to the family.  She realized that one of those new people was also a princess.  These two princesses became Best friends forever.  Both Princess are now feeling the loss of each other, but they know that thier love for each other will always be there forever.  As Sassy's daddy, I will always miss you and love you.  You were unique in your own way.  I never considered you as a cat, but as just "Sassy.".  I will always remember how you would come upstairs to drink Marvins and Brandy's water and you would box with both of them.  Your family loves you and you will never be forgotten! Say hello and give a big kiss to Marvin from all of us and you will always be our little Sassy,  Love You!!!!


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