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Memorial created 05-6-2008 by
Krystle donaldson
April 12 2007 - April 21 2008

Are little family

In loving memory of our Pebbles who we love so much. Pebbles will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.


On Friday, June 22 2007.My boyfriend Bill,my sister ,my mother  and I drove to New York City to pick up a puppy.When we walked in the store and saw this beautiful one pound little Maltese puppy. I fell in love with her right away. I can remember everything that day so clear. Well Pebbles ended up being a very sick puppy.We were at the vet all the time. We found out that she really was from a puppy mill not from a breeder.It didn't matter to me. I fell so much in love with her i would give my life savings to make her feel better. After a couple of months she grew her hair back and she was all better.

 Pebbles was are two year Anniversary  gift to each other. This was the best gift I have ever received. The best part was watching how much Bill fell in love with her more and more every day.He didn't care that she wasn't this big dog to wrestle around with. She was daddy's little girl.
So Pebbles had her first B-day April 12, 2008. We bought her this great little flowery dress. Bought her some dog ice cream that we thought she was going to love but she hated it.
 On April 21, only nine days after her first b-day are baby girl died. All because of her favorite rawhide bone. It was the worse feeling in the world watching her and not being able to help her.We tried everything. That was the worse day of my in tire life. I sometimes wake up thinking it was just a bad dream and i wake up looking for her. I miss going to bed and having her lay by my side.The best part of my day was waking up  and getting my morning kisses.
Mommy misses you so much pebbles.So does your daddy and the rest of are familys. My heart is broken with out you!



I would like to make the public aware that rawhide bones are dangerous. Even fatal!
Pebbles was really enjoying her rawhide bone, but after chewing it for hours like she did almost every night.At the very end she swallowed the rest and it was logged in her throat so far that we couldn't get it out.The veterinarian hospital told us even if we did get it out it would not have mattered, when it when down it cut her trackea.The very end of the rawhide,that nob at the end did this to my little girl.The bag for these bones say dogs need supervision when eating these. Well I was supervising her.If you go look up the dangers of these bones you will be upset with all the reasons why they are bad for your dog,I wish i looked them up before giving it to her.She would be here with me if i took the time.
This Picture was taken the day she died
pebbles sleeping with her best friend MooMoo

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