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Memorial created 05-7-2008 by
J. J.
July 8 2001 - March 13 2008

This is my dear pup.  He's a 11 lb. Yorkie with the attitude of a 50 lb. lab.  I'm having a very difficult time figuring out how to use the internet, uploading, downloading etc. But my dog is worth all of it.  He's on my mind every hour of every day.  Sometimes I think " oh I have to get home to let J.J. out----" or why isn't he snuggled up to me when I wake up". We used to walk the trails near our home--he often took me outside to get some exercise. Now I just cry when I see a trail on a beautiful Wisconsin day.  We get so few that  we used every good day we could.  He died in March before the snow was gone or the weather even close to being nice. I carried him outside on his last day so he could raise his nose and sniff the light wind.   

Besides being so sad I am also angry . He was cheated out of a full life. Two summers ago he had lymes disease. He was shakey couldn't walk and had a rash on his stomach.  I took him to the vet immediately.  The vet tested him and said he had a full blown case of lymes.  He immediately got some pain med and an antibiotic.  The symptoms were gone and he finished the meds.

I always had tick drops on J.J. during our "tick season" .  I don't know about other states but we have a terrible tick problem here in Wisconsin.  We took so many walks in the fields and woods that not having drops was not an option. In Dec 07 I took J.J. in to have his teeth cleaned.  The vet said for an extra $35.00 he would run a blood screening test.  He called me later when he had those results saying that J.J. was too sick to have his teeth cleaned.  I was in ABSOLUTE SHOCK!  BUT HE'S ONLY 6 YEARS OLD! He's been acting perfectly healthy!  The lymes had attacked his kidneys and he was in acute failure.  The disease may have or must have been from the 07 season. If I could go back I would have had him tested each fall season and maybe I could have caught it soon enough and would still have the most loving creature I've ever known in my life.



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