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Missing my Sweet Girl Peanut

Memorial created 05-7-2008 by
Laurie Dildine
November 11 1997 - May 4 2008

This is ME

In loving memory of our Peanut who we love so much. Peanut will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever. 

Peanut wasn't just a family dog she was a family member.  She pretty much ruled the house.  What Peanut wanted Peanut got.  She loved her car rides.  Especially going to see My Dad who she loved so much.  She also loved Taylor and Kacey (my nieces).  When you told her the girls where coming and said Taylor and Kacey she would get so excited.  Once they walked in the house the kisses started.  I'm surprised her tongue never fell off with all the kisses. 

Peanut you are one of a kind and can not be replace.  There is only one Peanut and that's you.  We miss you so much and love you with all our hearts.



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