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Memorial created 05-7-2008 by
Denise Shreffler
March 30 2001 - May 3 2008

William Wallace Shreffler

          William "Wallace" Shreffler

He was the greatest gift that I have ever been given (thank you Becky). I have loved and cherished him for 7 years. I was not blessed with children, but that is OK... I was blessed with Wallace... He was a lover of life. 18 Months ago we found out that Wallace had Cancer. We faught it hard. We had the absolute best Oncologist ( thank you Kim) and care givers ( thank you Dr. Davis and crew). Because of them Wallace had 3 remissions, but a 4th was just not there. He was a happy dog right up until the very end. He loved playing ball, playing with his "tuppy tick" (puppy stick) and his "noopy"( snoopy). ALLLL of his stuffed animals and balls. My Wallace was/is a beautiful spirit. I will miss him forever. I don't know how to get up without him and start my day or how to end my day without him, but I am trying. Before he went to sleep I promised him I would be OK and that I would see him soon. I thanked God for the gift that he had given to us.... The gift of time.....I thanked Wallace for ALL of the the Joy that he has brought into my life and to the lives of others. I promised him that I would see him again and that it was ok to go, that there would be no more pain or pills, just peace and then he went to sleep. I closed his eyes and I craddled him, then covered him like a baby. I kissed his beautiful nose and cried. I loved him more than any other as it was an unconditional love... He returned my love 100 Fold. He will never be forgotten. He will be greatly missed. He touched the lives of so many. 

                                         Some of Wallace's nick names are:

Wippy, Tuppy, Wuppy boy, Willie Wally Wing Wang and Sippy sip and many more.. He would came to ALLLL of them... What a dear sweet boy!


I love you Wuppy Boy! Momma is going to miss you! 4ever


"No Time on earth is long enough to share with those we love or to prepare our hearts for goodbye"




No more pain, no more pills.....relax my boy, enjoy the peace....Until we meet again my precious boy. My heart will hold you forever - Love, Momma



Wallace Loved Hats...

At one time you couldn't wear a hat without him trying to snatch it off of your head... he has so much personality... he was a lover of life... He is my pride and joy.. Momma's little Love Hog.....




He is so Handsome and he knows it!

All I can say is WHAT A BEAUTIFUL BOY!! This is 6 months before we learned of the Cancer... He was happy like this until the very end..He was a real trooper my Wallace....I love you Buddy!


Please feel free to take a look at the Photo Album. Click the link to the Upper Left. So many beautiful pictures and sweet, sweet memories....


Brothers.... Thank you Deb!

I love my Brother Windsor.. He is here with me now, at the bridge with Cassie and I. We are waiting for Momma and Danny to cross one day.... a family united is what we will be then....  :)


Me and my Brother Wallace

I do love you boys so much... XOXOXOXOX

It has been a really tough year without you. Windsor you have only been gone for about 7 weeks, but oh is just plain hard to be here without you... without both of you. I hope you boys will always remember just how much Momma loves you... Until we meet again my heart will hold you forver and ever....


My Sweet baby boy... My Angel.. I Love you!! XOXOXOX

Thank you Corrie and sweet Max for being so thoughtful!


3 babies.... XOXOXOX

We lost all 3 of our babies within a year. My 2 boys and Cassie's my Mom's baby.... I'm glad that they have each other.....

Thank you Corrie and sweet Max!


Waiting for Momma


I love you and I miss you my Boy!!




My Tuppy Loved to Swim!


Hi Sippy!! I miss you and I love you sooo very much. It has been 14 months without you. These months have been so long and lonely for me. I think about you every second of every day.... Dad found this picture of you diving into the pool for your ball. I have been looking for these pictures for the LONGEST time... He brought them to me and I just went numb. I was happy that he found them, but sick inside because I miss you so much. You brought me sooo much joy and happiness. More than one can expect in a lifetime. You are my special boy and will always be. Momma and Daddy have been really busy this summer.. We went to Florida, that is the state in which you were born.. Momma went on a float trip with girls she went to school with - over 20 years ago! You would have loved that trip!

Wallace, Momma loves you so much and she misses you more than I can write the words. My heart will never be the same without you and without Windsor. I hope you are taking care of each other and don't forget about little Cassie. Ok? I miss you Suppy Boy...... Until next time,,, My heart will hold you forever and always! XOXOXOXOX

Love always and forever,



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