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Memorial created 05-9-2008 by
The Blackman Family
April 23 1997 - May 3 2008

Our Doodle Bug

In loving memory of our Simon who we love so much. Simon will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.

St. Simon Blackman of Lord Stanley's Cup was his given name but we knew him as: Simon...Poopah...Pooh-pa-lo...Pooh-ski...Doodle Bug...Simon-etti...we had a million nicknames for him and yet he managed to answer to all!

Our boy,  Simon, lost his battle with hermangio sarcoma on Saturday, May 3rd. It came on quickly and before we could process the news of his latest cancer, he was gone. We had to let him go - we wanted to remember him as a vibrant, energetic, happy boy not incapicated by this horrible cancer.

Yes, we said "his latest cancer" - Simon was a 5 year cancer survivor of squamous cell carcinoma where he ended up losing half of his bottom jaw. We all wondered how he would adapt to missing half his jaw but after some homegrown physical therapy, Simon was able to pick up a tennis ball - and we knew he'd be fine. I think his personality evolved after he lost his jaw! Tongue hanging low, flapping everywhere...he was a cutie!

Simon was the best lab ever! For the most part he was very mellow - except when it came to matters of riding in the car or going for walks. Then, even at 11 years old before he got sick, he would jump and jump and get all excited because he was getting out of the house! He loved being outside - he loved to lay on the deck and soak up the sun. He loved to go for walks - especially lately when we had been taking him to a local park with walking trails galore. I swear he peed on every bush and every tree! And he'd get ahead of us and then turn to look back and say "ya comin'??". I miss that!!

Simon loved to be scratched (what lab doesn't??), he loved it when the mommy scratched his ears...he'd come and sit with me while I was watching TV and just let me scratch and pet him for hours on end. I think he liked to know that I was there by my touch.  He liked to play ball and tug o' war with his sock....and of course his rope. We'd throw it up in the air and he'd catch it. He loved that game!

We miss our boy terribly and we just take one day at a time to get through the "day of firsts"...the first Sunday morning without him...the first time coming home from errands and not hearing the jingle of his collar coming to greet us at the door....the first time we don't have to get his food and water ready for the next morning...the first morning we leave for work and he's not there for us to give him a scratch behind the ear and say "be a good boy today for the Mommy! Mommy loves the boy!!" But we know he is playing at the Rainbow Bridge with all family and friends pets that have gone before him. He's not in pain and perhaps he's even got his entire jaw back!

For all who knew him - you weren't anybody until you had been Simonized by our boy!



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