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Memorial created 05-15-2008 by
Mike Lawrence
February 16 1998 - May 14 2008

Pokey Darlin our PK

What can we say about our Little Pokey Darlin?  We love you, we miss you, the pain we feel is almost unbearable.

 Pokey left us today at 2 pm Alaska time. Pokey came to us out of our Bucks secound litter. We chose her because she had more white than our other 3 Brittanies, Buck, Trooper and Baby. And because she was the tiniest of the litter and practically screamed at us to take her home, and take her home we did. She nestled herself right into our hearts and soul. She took her place as PK in the foursome of B,T,BB & PK.

 Darlin Pokey, rest well with your dad Buck and brother Trooper. We will write more when our tears have eased up abit.

  I can not believe that our little Pokey is gone.......gone in a flash and so unexpectedly!! Sweetheart know that we miss you so very very much. You were as much a part of us as Trooper and Buck and Que. You hold a very special place in our the others you took your part of our heart with you.Were it not for the Good Lord and His healing virtue we would be unable to cope with your loss.......look to Buck and Trooper to guide and protect you and I promise you, The Good Lord willing, we will be with you again one day soon to chase those birds and squirrels and swim in the lake. I love you, Pokey.





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Pooh Bear and PK
Pokey & her Dad Buck

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