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Memorial created 05-17-2008 by
Trish Stapleton
January 0 1998 - May 1 2008

last pic taken of Shadow. May 1 2008

In loving memory of our SHADOW who we love so much. SHADOW will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.

Shadow was my Baby. We were inseperable. We rescued her when I got off the road from trucking the first time around, and we instantly bonded. When I went back on the road we took her with us. She adapted somewhat okay. The strange noises bothered her. She would sleep right beside be in bed, and sometimes I would sing to her.. "Just me and my Shadowww Bouncing down the road in the truck we go... Just me and my Shadowwwww... doobbie dobbie dobbie dobbie do.... at the same time as tapping her on the top of the head.. If we were stopped she would look at Neal, like what the $%^& and Neal would say.. I know, mom is crazy.. lol..She was indeed my Shadow.

She ended up staying with Grandma and Granpa and seemed to be happier at home, so they kept her. When I came home, we were in seperable. At first I would cry when I had to leave her but it got easier. 

shadow was diagnosed with Diabetes, and we were not able to do much for her but love her and treat her good.

She went into diabetic shock, that word that starts with a K.. We had to make the heartbreaking decision. May 1 2008 she left us peacefully with me and neal petting her and i held her head when she went to sleep. I am in sooo much pain, I miss her terribly..


isnt she the cutest..

Shadow is a husky/sheppard cross, although others said she looked like she had akita in her.. But she was my precious Baby, I will forever miss her..


Me and my Shadow cuddling.. it was easier when she was younger..

I was just sitting here thinking of some of the good times. I guess I will enter bits at a time.

When we first rescued Shadow from the humane society, she was soo shy, and timid and thin. She was only 34lbs! we felt bad for her and so we let her eat..  Neal left on the road the day before I picked her up. When he came home, she wouldnt go near him, she was scared of men, and continued to be not too sure about men for the rest of her life. she was finally okay with Dad, and grandpa and Uncle Bill. But for other men, she wouldnt go near them. I guess she must have been abused by someone as a pup.

Over the years she certainly did develope her own personality for sure. lol if she didnt want to listen or come, she wouldnt! My Dad"Grandpa" always said she was going deaf,, but then I would wisper her name and she would come to me, lol. She just had selective hearing. too funny... But she did always know when the cheese came out of the fridge.. nothing would stop her then.

She use to play with me and dad until she stayed home with grandma and grandpa, after that, she would play with grandpa, run and jump at him, or chase him down the hall so he played back.. then she would get down and bark at him.

With grandma, she would play with her toys with her, then I would try but she wouldnt play anymore with me. go figure. She prefered to cuddle and love me instead I guess.

While Shadow was with Grandma and Granpa, she had her partner in crime, Winnie. Winnie passed away in 2006. They were inseparable. Winnie taught Shadow how to bark when someone was outside, or next door, or walking by on the road. Up till then, you barely ever hear Shadow Bark. Neal and I would sit in the truck with her and try to teach her to bark. Then gave her a treat as a reward. But Winnie taught her well.   When Winnie passed away, Shadow spent the next few weeks/months looking for her friend, and would refuse to lay in Winnie's corner. Amazing how much they know isnt it?

Well, tears are falling yet again, I will end it for tonight.  I miss you sooooo much Shadow, and I hope you are happy and have been reunited with Winnie.  xoxo

Little Winnie.. 1996-2006

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