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Memorial created 05-17-2008 by
Donna and Tom Horwood
Maggie Mae
March 0 2007 - May 12 2008

My sweet Maggie-Mae

The first time we laid eyes on Maggie she was so tiny she fit in one hand....the guy said she had to stay with her mommy a couple more weeks but then we could take her home. I asked why she was so tiny for 6 weeks old and all he said was that her mother was small. We went back in two weeks and took her inspite of her still being so small because she was covered with fleas, flea powder, and had a runny nose and eyes. At best she was 5-6 weeks old. We just didn't think she would survive much longer where she was. We laughed and called her the red-headed step-child because she was so homely, but she was the most loveable kitten I had ever seen. It was almost like she knew she didn't have much more than that going for her. When she purred it was like a small motor she was so loud, and she would snuggle in real close. We had adopted Marla Marie two weeks earlier from the same place but from a different litter. Marla and our older cat played well together and the two of them did not want any part of this little ragamuffin. When Tootsie or Marla swatted at her she would run straight to momma ( me ). She knew mommy would protect her. Within a few days Marla decided that Maggie was more her size and took her under her wing and they became inseparatable. I use to call them the"The Maggs and Marley show"...our babies. Maggie was soon well and growing...I picked every flea off of her and Marla by hand until they were all gone....Medicine soon took care of the infections. Maggie was a mommy's girl right from the begining..we had a special bond. When Maggie was about 3-4 months old she started playing fetch with me...she had a favorite ratty old toy she loved and would even bring it to bed with her. If you sat down she wanted you to throw it for her and she would fly thru the air making funny noises as she went. After awhile I taught her to answer me when I would say....Are you ready? and she would meow...then I would say ..Are you set? and she would meow...and then I would throw it...she was so darn smart and so easy to train. Her and Marla understood some simple commands like ..OUT when I wanted them out of a room and out they would run...They each knew their names..they learned NO as well...but Marla would look to see if you were still watching and if she thought you weren't she would be right back into whatever I had told her to stay away from...but my sweet Maggie always listened...the one thing she loved was tissue paper....we had to keep the bathroom doors closed to keep her away from the toilet paper or it would all be on the floor with her rolling in it. It didn't take Maggie long to out grow Marla and she was a character..she would lay her favorite toy down in the middle of the floor and then lay there looking the other way then when Marla would head over towards it she would jump up and run off with it...she never tired of this game and Marla usually played along.....We soon learned that Maggie would sit by the door and cry if I went out at all...and when I came home she would come running..I went to visit my sons for two weeks and when I came home she was sleeping on the back of the couch..I walked up and said...where is my baby? and she jumped up and climbed right up on me and started licking my face ...She was my girl. 

We lost Marla In January....she became ill and was gone in only a week and a half...We learned she had Feline Leukemia....They thought she had been born with it because they were indoor cats....I had Maggie and Tootsie tested and Maggie tested positive also.....We were heartbroken.......Maggie didn't seem to have any problems until about 6 weeks after we lost only 2 months my poor baby lost 2 1/2 lbs and could hardly walk...for some reason her back end was wasting away...she got shots for the pain twice a week and for awhile it worked , she would be able to be up and around without pain....she had crystals in her urine as well and was on a special diet which she hated.....after awhile the vet and I decided she should be able to eat anything she wanted.....we knew her time was limited....when she felt good she would run around ..her front legs running and her back legs hopping but she got where ever she wanted to go....and that was usually where ever mommy was....even on her bad days, when she would lay under the bed all day she would limp to where ever I was in the evening.  It got so she couldn't jump up at all and she would sit by my leg and put her paw on my leg and I knew she wanted to be held, always purring, rubbing her head all over my face and licking my neck...she would settle in for a nap. I treasure those memories...I would kiss her and sing her silly songs and tell how much she was loved...Some times she would rub against my leg and when I would pet her she would gaze up into my eyes and nothing but pure love shown from hers....I truely believe this little kitty was my cat one nor any other pet has loved me as she did....About a month ago I realized we had started a journey together...Maggie was not going to get better ....I had thought that if we could control her pain she would eat better and regain some of her weight..that never happened...she loved being able to be pain free after getting the shot but it would wear off after a few days.....Once I thought we had reached the time for Maggie to go.....She was laying on her bed next to mine and I cried my heart out...I told her we would have to say goodbye . I didn't want her to suffer. The next day when I got up she wasn't on her bed ...I sat down at the computer and in a few minutes she came around the corner...she put her paws on my lap and meowed to be picked up..I was suprised because she hadn't been out of the bedroom in two days...when I picked her up she purred, rubbed her head all over me and I knew she was telling me she wasn't ready to go not give up on we got more shots and she did well for another week...the next week she got to where she wouldn't eat...on the way to the vets that day I told her goodbye again....she started meowing and stareing up at me....she even tried to get out of her carry case...she never acted like that before....two blocks from the vets I said okay Maggie it's okay mommy will bring you home with her....I promise..she stopped crying and settled down.....and again she got pain medication......when we got home I told will have to tell me when you are ready to go......two weeks later she did....she hid when it was time to go get her shot on Sat. and the vets was closed on Sun, mother's day......Sunday night I couldn't find her for an hour...she was hidden away behind my mixer in the kitchen cabinet...when I looked into her eyes I knew she was ready.......she was tired and in a lot of pain.....when I pet her she didn't even purr as usual....The next day she went to join Marla......I didn't say goodbye because I know I will see her again some day..I just told her the pain would now be gone for good and that her sissy was waiting for her.....I was glad Marla was there to welcome her to the other side..........and I know they will be there when my time comes.

Two nights after Maggie left I was in the living room crying and I said I don't need to see you Maggie but I wish I could just hold you, feel you next to me one more time....a few minutes later my other cat Tootsie jumped up on me..Tootsie never sits still for more than a minute or two and isn't into cuddling very much....she sat very still and I hugged her....I kissed one side of her face and went to kiss the other side when something amazing side of tootsie smelled like her and the other like Maggie.....I understand she most likely was laying on something Maggie had laid on but she sat perfectly still....I closed my eyes and I knew Maggie was even felt like her fur.....I kissed her ever so gently and  peace came over me....afterwards I told Tootsie thank you..and Tootsie jumped crazy as this may sound I know Maggie had been there..she came to comfort me and to say she was okay.....the next day I was reading a book called "Animals in spirit" by Penelope Smith and she said sometimes a animal will present themselves through another when there is a strong connection with their owner.............this just validated what I knew had taken place the night before......

I will always miss you my sweet were one of a kind...we understood each other..I know that when it is my time you and Marla will be sitting there waiting for me....just on the other side of the door, like always...our love will be just as strong as it was the day you had to leave......until then sweet baby play with your sissy she has missed you...I ask God in my prayers to please hold you close and cuddle you until I can again......Godspeed baby.....


The moment that you died, my heart split in two.
One side filled with memories. The other died with you.
I often lay awake at night, when the world is fast asleep.
And take a walk down memory lane, with tears upon my cheeks,
Remembering you is easy, I do it every day.
But missing you is heartache, that never goes away.
I hold you tightly within my heart, and there you will remain.
Life has gone on without you, But never will be the same.

Author Unknown


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