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 Nuri, a Biblical name meaning flaming lights, came to us on July 3, 1998 from a Dalmatian Rescue in Phoenix, Arizona.  Prior to arriving at the rescue, he was found abandoned and terrified running along a busy street.  When we brought him home however, he calmly explored every inch of his new domain with a look of contentment and gratitude.  Nuri was no longer alone and our family was now complete.

And so it began, our journey together.  A journey filled with laughter, happiness, love and sometimes tears.  Through it all, Nuri was our ever present light. He was also our clown, always dancing and talking to us with his impressive vocals, what a range!  His loyalty was undeniable, as he would protect all that he loved with every fiber of his being.  Most importantly though, Nuri was our mentor.  He taught us that the simple things in life are what matter most.   He taught us that family is everything. He also taught us that perfection is found in imperfection.  Through his example, we have learned that patience, forgiveness, compassion, and unconditional love are qualities that we should all aspire to achieve and share with others.

And so it continues, our journey together.  Although we lost him suddenly, we know he is still with us.  While driving home that tearful afternoon, a gentle sprinkle of rain began to fall upon us. At that moment we realized it was Nuri letting us know that he was, as always, watching over us. 

For now, we will see his colorful spirit in the sunsets that dance across the sky.  We will feel his touch in the gentle brush of the wind, and we will find his beautiful soul in the brightest star that shines from heaven above. 

You are forever in our hearts...

Until we meet again...

Love always, Foxy, Lisa and Steve


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