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Memorial created 05-19-2008 by
Bryan and Jocelyn Glas
July 15 1988 - May 13 2008

In loving memory of our Aster who we love so much. Aster will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.


Today, May 19, 2008, I received the ashes of our beloved and devoted Aster.  It has been almost a week since we said good-bye, but the pain seems to be everlasting.  I have had this sweet kitty since he was a kitten and he has been by my side ever since.  He was closing in on 20 years of life, as we know it to exist.  He battled Diabetes in 2003 - 2005 and beat it.  Pills and shots twice a day were the norm, but I was happy to do it.  He was arthritic in his hips, but that didn't stop him from running as fast as he could, in and out of our bedroom.  He would stick his head into our shower to drink the water that would run down the wall or pool up on the tub.  He would get so wet, but he didn't care.  He loved to bask in the sun, but don't you dare block it.  He woke us up every morning at 5:30 AM with loud cries.  Sometimes it was annoying.  Knowing what I know now, it would never be annoying again.  The house is so silent.  We miss you so much.  When Aster was a younger kitty he would play fetch.  He had a little toy frog that one day he brought to me, I threw it and he returned it.  The game was on.  At 8:30 PM, it was treat time.  A couple of licks of Petramalt (hairball controller) and some Whisker Lickins to top it off and it was time for bed, where he would sleep between my wife and I.  Our bedroom is not the same with out him.  We will always love and remember you Aster, Rest-In-Peace, 'till we meet again.


This is the staircase I built for him to get on our bed when he could no longer jump up there.


Just had a shower, now it is time to dry off.


This is one of our memorials for Aster in his favorite corner of our bedroom.  He would lay there and sleep for hours until the sun disappeared.  The flowers are Aster's.  When I named the kitty, I thought I made up the name Aster.  It was a combination of two Siamese cats names that I grew up with.  Casper and Bastet.  I dropped the B and the C, took the T from Bastet and the R from Casper.  Hence Aster.  I later found out that it was a flower and the birth flower of the month of September.  That is my birth month, coincidence? 


Aster was a very gentle kitty as evidenced by his demeanor to our birds.  He would let them sit on him until they moved too much and poked him with their claws or beak and then he would brush them off.  But not for long, the birds would quickly return.  They trusted him and had no reason to not trust him, he never hurt them.


This picture is one of our favorite pictures of him.  He was such a photogenic cat, we have hundreds of pictures of him.  He was a ham.  See more photos of him in our photo album.


This is the very last picture mama took of our sweet Aster on May 11, 2008, Mother's day.  He is in his happy spot in our bedroom, basking in the sun rays coming through the doorway window.  I wish I could have known that in two days, we would be making that fateful trip to the Vet.  Like mama said in your scrap books, she made me two of them to help ease the pain, they help, but can never replace you, " if I'd known this was the last picture, I would have taken thousands more".  You were and are so loved and missed.  I can't wait to see you again, be patient.  I will try and be patient also.


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