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Steven Simon

Memorial created 05-21-2008 by
Steven Simon
November 0 1996 - March 10 2008

Mo on Steve's Desk

In loving memory of our Mo who we love so much. Mo is greatly missed and will be in our hearts forever. He was a true and treasured best friend. Mo was also known as Mo Green, Little Mo, and Little Mo Green - Ki''y Cat. He was originally named for the character Moe Green in "The Godfather." He had a strong willed personality and made it quite clear what (and who) he liked and disliked. With his "people" he was the most affectionate and protective cat anyone could have. Similarly, with "outsiders" he could be highly protective of his home and owners, and a terror to those he didn't trust. He sometimes looked like a mountain lion and could act like one. Other times he looked like a sweet pussycat. With his strong personality, he had a profound influence even on his veterinarians and periodic caregivers. He was always difficult at first, but his tenacity in taking treatments for his illnesses and his strength won everyone over. For Steve, he was a dear and almost constant companion in even the loneliest moments late at night. We will always love Mo dearly.

Mo was a beautiful cat, an unusually golden brown Abyssinian. He often looked regal when he sat up straight. Mo loved to play "go fetch" with little plastic bottlecaps just like a little dog. When thrown a bottlecap, he would run after it and bring it back to Steve to throw again. He "lost" countless numbers of bottlecaps, pushing them under the refrigerator or other objects while trying to pick them up. So,  when the house would be cleaned and furniture moved, we would often find lots of old bottlecaps. He would sometimes store a favorite bottlecap or a cat toy in his food dish, sort of like having his own closet.

Mo was a very intelligent cat. When he was young, he figured out how to open a closed door by jumping up repeatedly and pulling at the handle until there was a slight opening of the door. Then he would open the door with his paw. He also loved to chase lizards. He was an indoor cat, but would be allowed to sit on the screened patio which he loved. Even after he was weakened from his diabetes and heart disease, he would stalk and run after a lizard, catch it,  and proudly bring it in the house to show his "people."  Mo loved to be held over Steve's  shoulder and take walks like that around the house.  He would nuzzle and lick, and would reach out to have his nose kissed. We will always cherish these memories. 



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