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Memorial created 05-22-2008 by
Robin Rothman
February 14 1993 - March 1 2008

In loving memory of our Rumi who we love so much. Rumi will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.

Rumi was a precious and loving soul. She walked into my life and lap and never looked back. I had the blessed good fortune to spend 15 wonderful years with her and I really can't believe she's gone.

We had so much fun together; mountain-biking, playing on the beach in Martha's Vineyard, walking down Commercial Street in PTown on a snowy winter morning, kayaking in the ocean off of Chappaquiddick.  Rumi was a great car dog; I took her with me almost everywhere.

When we moved to Kentucky to be with our new family about 8 years ago, Rumi made a new friend in Smiley the mini schnauzer. I credit Smiley for extending Rumi's life so long. They had a great relationship and Smiley has been so blue since Rumi's passing.

Rumi had a rough final year. She developed a few health problems that really slowed her down but she never lost her dignity. We will never stop loving you sweet Rumi girl. You are in our hearts forever and we miss you so much!!

On the Cape, her favorite place

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