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Memorial created 05-22-2008 by
Angelo Manganiello
January 15 1997 - May 14 2008

Hanging out...enjoying the sun


Sandy came into our lives on Saturday, January 15, 1997 as a 4 week old puppy who was living with a homeless person. Since that day she has been with us. Never one to turn down a treat or pass up on a ride in the truck. Sandy was full of energy and always brought a smile to everyone around her. Her energy and enthusiasm made her the most popular dog on the block. Rarely did a moment pass when someone walking by did not say "Hi Sandy".

She will be missed


Hanging out on her bed

Here is Sandy hanging out in the yard.  Relaxing and enjoying the sun. 


Hanging out

After a long day of running in the is Sandy relaxing on her bed. 


Here is Sandy on the couch just wanting to take a nap. 


Great....another picture

Here is Sandy striking a pose. 


Here she is ready to run and say hello to whomever is coming into the yard


Here is Sandy smiling again for the camera in the back seat of her truck. 


Here is Sandy being nosy.....


And here she is....sleeping on the couch after a busy day of eating, drinking, and hanging out in the yard


Here is Sandy in front of the house after the Christmas lights were put up  


Happy Birthday!!!!! 


After a day of partying...Sandy lays down to relax


A day of lounging around.....

Michele and Sandy

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