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Memorial created 05-25-2008 by
Ilene & Rich Ciasullo
April 28 1996 - May 21 2008

In loving memory of our Myles who we love so much. Myles will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever. His nick name to us was Mr. Biggles! He really loved that name!  He was a big gentle giant with a lot of personality!


Myles, Duncan & Cabot

This is a picture of Myles with his brothers Duncan & Cabot who he loved so very much!


Myles swimming in noodles

This is Myles swimming in one of the many pools that were put in the ground for him.  The more noodles he was wrapped in and on top of the happier he was!


Myles & his new little brother Cabot

This is a picture of Myles and his new brother Cabot. Cabot LOVED him right from the start and where ever Myles was his little brother was not too far behind.


Myles in his new wheels with brothers & dad

Myles was burdened with a degenrative disc disease back in September 2007.  We were determined to keep his life as happy and normal as it was before this horrible disease struck.  We purchased him a set of wheels and he LOVED them. He went on plenty of walks with his brothers and us through the rain, snow and all kinds of weather.  Nothing could stop this determined gentle giant.


Myles & Duncan

This is Myles snuggling next to his brother Duncan in the car on a recent trip to Flordia, where he loved to be.


Myles & Chance

This is Myles and his brother Chance who passed away from a painful bone cancer on August 18, 2006.  Myles and Chance loved eachother so very much! Myles was very depressed and sad when his brother passed away!   We all miss Chance very much.


Myles enjoying a swim

This is Myles swimming in the pool..where he was the happiest!  He would swim for hours on end. He was the happiest, easiest going boy we have ever had. He was happy to do anything and everything as long as he was with his special people and brothers.


Myles and his Mommy

This was the most recent picture of Myles and mommy before the dear boy passed away. Mommy loved him very much!


Chance floating in the pool

Chance also loved to swim and loved the many pools that we put in the ground for him and his brothers.  When Chance would get tired, he would climb up on the float to rest!


Myles & Cabot

This is a picture of Myles and Cabot resting together after a long day swimming in the pool in Florida!


Duncan watching over his resting brother


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