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Memorial created 05-28-2008 by
LuAnn K Smith
Scout Lober
March 19 1996 - May 27 2008

Scout sitting tall and strong


In loving memory of our Scout who we love so much. Scout will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.

Scout was such a strong and happy dog. He was my dog, Bailey's, best friend. He was so tolerant of her. She can be such a brat and he always just let her have her way.

He loved small children. When he would see kids he would be so excited and would wait for them to throw his toy. Speaking of which...he did have an obsession with his toys. He LOVED to play catch and golf. He would actually take a toy and hit the ball with it! The first thing he would do when he went outside was...look for a toy. He would look around in a frantic state as if to say, "where's my ball...where's my ball".

Scout loved to run away from home and go next door because the neighbor has a underground pool and Scout would go over there to go swimming.

He also was a bird hunting dog. He would go hunting with his dad, Randy and loved when he knew he was going.

Scout had a very good home. He had the best mom and dad that took care of him right up to the end. They always did what was best for Scout.

Scout ended up succumbing to liver disease that he had been diagnosed with a couple of years ago. When Randy and Mary found out about his failing liver, they instantly put him on a strict diet to do whatever they could to help him. Because of their strength, discipline, and love for Scout, I think they prolonged the quality of his life. He really didn't have too many symptoms until the very end. When the time came, he was right beside his parents...the way that it was intended to be.

I love Scout and I will miss him dearly. LuAnn


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