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Memorial created 06-4-2008 by
Elizabeth Ford
April 15 1990 - June 3 2008

Sweet Sandberg

In loving memory of our Sandberg who we love so much. Sandberg will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.

Sandberg was Laura's first kitten of her own.  She cleverly snuck the kitten into the house and then asked if she could keep her.  Sandberg was adorable from the first day and no one could resist keeping her.  When Laura moved out on her own Sandberg stayed behind with her second mama as she truly was a "one cat household" cat.

Sandberg was a very talkative cat and would voice her opinion on any subject.  Much like a child she always seemed to want attention when mom was on the phone or involved in another conversation.

She was a devoted friend and spent every night on her special pillow next to her mother's head purring and talking.  She was never sick a day in her long life and quietly passed into eternity without a complaint June 3, 2008.

Sandberg is a irreplaceable part of our family and will be missed and loved forever.

Wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge Sandberg, we will see you soon.


Mom, Dad, Laura, David, John, MG, Benjamin and Giovanni


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