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Memorial created 06-7-2008 by
Laura Combs
Leonardo da Kitty
March 22 2006 - June 7 2008

Leo, Leo

In loving memory of our Leonardo who we love so much. Leonardo will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.

Leo shared his birthday with his mama.  That is one of the reasons we adopted him.  We already had a house full of cats and dogs, but after Tasha's death, I wanted a Siamese and Leo was perfect.

We could not come up with an appropriate sports related name for him, but we were reading "The Davinci Code" at the time and decided that Leonardo da Kitty would fit him well.  He was also know as Dr. Evil, Little Leonardo and big boy.  We also lovingly called him the "Chocolate Ball of Terror" because he kept the dogs and the other cats in line. 

Leo had to leave us all too soon...and the pain is almost unbearable.  We are so grateful to our wonderful vet and his staff for letting us know that we did all we could for our baby and our decision was necessary to end his pain and suffering.

Even with all that we know, our decision will haunt us forever.  To just have one more day, one more night of him sleeping between our pillows, one more afternoon of him chasing crumpled up paper, even one more moment of his incessant scratching in the litter box.  Just one more second to love him.

We are so sorry Leo, that things ended up this very sorry.  Please say hello to everyone and enjoy the eternal sunny window sill.  But please wait for us and we will see you soon.


Mama and Papa

Also missed by Junior, DJ, Mikey, Sammy, Harvey, Wrigley, Elliott and Jack.



It has now been almost a month since you left us, my sweet boy and we still miss you so much.  Your ashes are home now and in a nice box that we bought for you.  I put your remains on the mantle in the living room so you can be with us.  Both Papa and I have seen you out of the corners of our eyes and we are so glad that you are happy and healthy.

Thank you for the dragonflies my precious one.  I know that it is your way of comforting me and I am so grateful for that.

As your box now says you are "always loved" and the house seems empty without you.

Please wait patiently for us to come to the Rainbow Bridge and we will spend eternity together.

Mama and Papa


Still missing you so very much.  We are planning to move to a new home and it will be strange to know it is one that you will never get to play in.  The rest of your buddies are doing so well...but Elliott still looks for you to play with.  We get through each day a little easier, but you will forever be in my heart.  I am trying to come up with just the right way to honor and remember you and the dragonfly still seems to be the right idea.  I see you almost every day and last week I got to see you with so many friends.  I am blessed that you are willing to stay with me until I get better at dealing with the loss.  I know the seasons will change and the dragonflies will be gone until next summer, but hopefully by then I can make it on my own.

I love you Big Man and miss you forever.  Until we meet and play again.



 As you know we are now in the new house and have adopted a new cat.  Never a replacement for you, but someone to keep Elliott in line.  We named him Smooch and he is also a Siamese, in fact you two would be about the same age.  I miss you so much Leo, somedays it is still almost too much for me to bear.  I have needed you so much the last month with all my struggles, but as always the dragonflies are with me so I know that you are with me.  My heart aches for your purr and your voice, but I know it may be a while before we are together again.  For now, we all continue to go on and enjoy the lives we have, but something is always missing and it is you.  You fill a special place in our hearts and we love you.

Mama and Papa



December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Leonardo.

We still miss you so very much and Christmas is not the same without you.

Mama and Daddy


March 22, 2009

Dear Leo,

Your birthday and mine are here again and it is just not the same without you.  I miss you so very much and my birthday will never be quite the same.  I can't believe so much time has passed...I wait for the dragonflies to return this spring. 

Please say hello to Tasha, Sandberg and Max and keep lounging in the sunny window my sweet boy.

I love you!

June 2, 2009

How has it already been a year since you left us?  Oh how my life has changed since then, things just seemed to get worse and worse...

I am starting to see the dragonflies come back so I know that you are still happy and running free.  I miss you so very much and I long for the lazy days with you in my lap.

You are always loved dear boy and we will see you again someday.


Mama and Papa

March 7, 2010

I have finally gotten the strength and courage to visit your page again.  I miss you so very much my sweet boy.  My heart aches so much to hold you one more time.  I wish the days made the pain easier, but it seems to only lessen such a small amount at a time...soon your birthday will be upon us again and once again you will not be with me to celebrate together.

I know that you are happy and healthy and waiting for our reunion.  Just know that I love you and will see you someday my dear love Leo!


March 22, 2010

Happy 4th birthday Leo.  How I wish you were here to celebrate with me.  I wish I had so many more years with you.  My birthday will never be the same without you!


June 8, 2010

Today is Papa's birthday and it is so difficult to have both our birthdays tied to your short life.  I worked very hard this past weekend to make it a happy one for him and celebrate his birthday while trying not to mourn you too much.   Yesterday was bittersweet, I realized that 2 years later it doesn't hurt quite so much, the pain not so fresh.  I love you and miss your blue eyes and brown ears.  I miss your loud purr and nuzzles.  I miss the warm spot between the pillows where you would sleep, but most of all I miss your unconditional love.

Until we are together again.



June 7, 2013

It is unbelievable to me that it has been 5 long years since you left us.  I never thought I would get through the first few days, much less make it this far without you.  We have brought new furry friends into our crazy family and lost dear ones again too.  I hope that you were waiting for Harvey, Junior and your buddy Elliott when they all crossed the Rainbow Bridge last year.  It brought me some peace to know that you were there to greet them.  Our newest kitty, Crankshaft reminds me of you a lot in his mannerisms and attitude towards the other animals.  You will never be replaced and will always have that special place in my heart.

Until I see you again my sweet, sweet boy.



I'm sorry that I haven't visited in a while. I think of you often as I pass your little oak box on the bookcase. Sammy and Mikey have joined all of you across the bridge. I hope that you are all happy together and I look forward to that day when we are all reunited. I miss you my sweet boy and I wish your time on Earth had been so much longer. Happy birthday!



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