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Memorial created 06-9-2008 by
Brian Massegee
March 15 1994 - June 9 2008

My Simon Kitty

To say goodbye to another one of my babies is hard in itself.  Simon was "the middle child" and I always worried that he was more neglected than the others, no matter how hard I tried to be equal to all of them.  But the pain I feel for his loss is evidence that he was equally loved and that he will always hold a place in my memories. 

He inspired two short stories, provided me with a multitude of everlasting memories and, most of all, was there for me when human beings were not.  Middle child or not, he was always special, and after 14 years, I have no idea how it will be without him. 

Almost 2 years ago, his mate (Lil Girl) passed on and he was never the same after.  With 2 near-fatal injuries and the grieving of his Lil Girl, Simon was not expected to last as long as he did.  He showed several signs of improvement and a strong will to live, but ultimately, his regression forced me into making that decision yet again.  I still ponder over the decision and whether it really is my right to make, particularly when it comes to something more dear to me than anything in this world.  My babies are my life and to consciously remove them from my life is torturous to the soul.  I know he was suffering and that his quality of life was diminished, but even as he awaited imminent death, his tail wagged and his eyes--those big orange eyes--were locked on me, as if he was pleading to go home.

I know that there is an afterlife for him and that Lil Girl met him upon entry.  Brothers Dartagnan, Fluke and Oliver will miss him almost as much as I...but the memory of my Simon Kitty will forever be etched in my very being.


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