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Memorial created 06-12-2008 by
Veronica Parra
Pierre Parra
August 21 1990 - May 13 2008

My sweet, forever loving, smart and handsome boy......mommy wishes

you a Happy 24th! We all miss you and keep you in our hearts and thoughts

everyday. Grandpa and I still remember together all the wonderful and silly

things you did when you were here with us. He never stops boasting to everyone how smart and special you were and will never replace you.  We truly miss you dearly and wish you could

be with us, but I know that someday we will reunite. As I type, my tears pour because I still can't believe it's been more than six years that you crossed the Rainbow Bridge and memories if our last day together come fresh to my mind, and so my heart aches. Please know that although I don't visit your memorial that often......I keep you in my heart and mind everyday. 

I thank everyone who stopped by to wish my baby a Happy BDay as it means alot to me. God Bless to you all.      Hugs,  Veronica (Pierre's mommy). 8/21/2014


Thank you to all of you wonderful humans and furry friends who remembered my buddy "Dixie's" 2nd Angelversarry on the 20th.  Many hugs and blessings to you all.  It means alot to know that there ares so many out there who are there along with me supporting me and sending their best wishes.  God Bless!!

Veronica (Pierre's mommy and Dixie's anutie) Love you both.


I want to thank everyone who is wishing and remembering Pierre's 2nd Angelversary today.  It means alot to our family and Pierre.  May God bless all of you and your loved angels that have gone to the Rainbow Bridge. 


Two years tomorrow my sweet Pierre, and I still can't believe you're gone.  You're still fresh in my memories and that's how it will always be.  I'm sure you've been enjoying your two years up there with all the friends you've made :-)  I also know that all this time, you have been watching over us.  Not one time goes by when I visit my parent's that I don't think I will see your sweet happy face on the window or down the basement stairs looking up at me.  I love you so so much and as usual I have tears running down my face as I type this.  I will make sure to light a beautiful candle in honor of your 2nd Angelversary.  Mommy needs to work on your memorial page and add some more photos, and I promise I will be working on that this summer :-) Love you always,




Today is my precious Piere's Birthday and already many have sent their best birthday wishes for him.  Thank you to all that are remembering Pierre today and celebrating with him.  He is happy that all of your loved doggies and cats in Rainbow Bridge are celebrating with him.  He is blessed to have many friends.  It's still extremely hard for me to be without my Pierre.  We have a new bichon puppy "Pippo" who has filled me with love and happiness again.  Does not mean I can forget Pierre at all.  Pippo looks alot like Pierre because they are both Bichons, but although they are very much alike in their characteristics, Pierre and Pippo have their own unique personalities.  Until now, I have only known one Bichon who had a pink nose............"Pierre".  Whenever Pippo starts running around the house all crazy excited like a little "Tazmanian"..........I remember you Pierre.  Whenever Pippo sneezes after playing rough with him or after trying to get the shoes and socks away from him..................I think of you instantly.  Believe me Pierre that we cannot ever go a day without not thinking of you.  Your grandma and specially grandpa are always calling Pippo............."Pierre" by habbit and because they see you in him.  Grandpa cannot stop saying "Oh Pierre also did that, and Pierre did this and that.  I will be lighting a special candle in your honor today and making a special wish for you.  THANKS AGAIN TO EVERYONE'S BIRTHDAY WISHES FOR PIERRE'S SPECIAL DAY TODAY!  GOD BLESS YOU ALL :-) 



Thank you everybody who have wished my baby a Happy 1 Year Angelversary.  It has been a very hard year for me and a very sad day today.  I have been counting the days this month of when this day would arrive and now I can't believe it's been this long already.  The weird thing is that everyday since this past Saturday, I would run into a bichon or pass by one at different places, but today was the only day I didn't see any.  The only bichon I could see was you my sweet baby, in my heart, my thoughts and beautiful memories off all the happiness you gave me and my family.  Not one day goes by that I don't think of you.  I still talk to you and sing to you like I always used to do whenever I am sad or going through some rough are always there.  Thank you my sweet angel for all your love and all the happiness you brought into my life.  My heart is hurting so much right now and my tears don't stop running as I try to finish typing. I will stop for now and come back soon.  Thanks for all the wonderful memories you have given me.








In loving memory of our "Pierre Parra" who we love so much. Pierre Parra will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.  I know that one day we will cross the Rainbow Bridge and be reunited forever. 

You touched and filled our lives from the moment you stepped foot in the house.  Since then, you became the best loveable buddy anyone could ask for and who gave us unconditional love - could always count on you to make us feel better when we were sad, upset, angry or stressed.  Just looking at your loving face brightened our day.  You made us laugh with all your silly tricks and crazy, silly behavior.  On a hot sunny day, you could always be found laying or sitting on the carpet right where the sun would beam into the house.  Just like me, you loved sunbathing. 

 I can't even finish this page without having tears pour down my face.  You have left a big emptiness inside us, but I know that you are in a peaceful beautiful place right now and watching over us. 



My sweet baby in one of his favorite spots at home...........on the sofa basking under the sun and waiting for us to come home or to greet anyone visiting us.  He was the best and the sweetest, craziest, loveable dog ever and full of character.


My honey, it will be 5 months on the 13th of October, and I still can't believe that you're not with us anymore.  Whenever I go for walks around the lake where I now live with your brother Ricky, we see many doggies, but there is this one bichon we ment who is 14 years old who makes me think of you instantly the second I see him.  Ricky and I miss you so so much, and we still go in our box full of your stuff and hair and can't help but remember you and start crying for you.  I know that no other doggie that we will ever have will compare to you.  I feel empty so many times without you.  On a stressful day when I want to forget about everything that troubles me, I think of you and how much better I felft after being with you on those moments of need.  Just looking at you was comforting.  I miss you so my baby.  I will light a candle for you on the 13th to let you know that we are with you and thinking how happy you are with your new friends at the Rainbow Bridge.  Love you,







Definitely hard to live without you.

On Thursday, November 20, 2008, my sweet buddy "Dixie" joined my Pierre on the Rainbow Bridge.  Dixie lived a long happy loving life with her family just like Pierre.

On October 12, 2008, our other family buddy who was also 18, "Toby" joined Pierre at the Bridge, and now I know he has close buddies with him.  I know they are watching over us.  My baby, there isn't  a day that I don't think about you.  I was just watching a video of  you with your brother Ricky on Wednesday night and I had my tears all pouring down my face.  I know its' been six months now and I still can't believe that you are gone.  Please tell Dixie that we all love her and will miss her too. Her mommy is so so sad right now but she knows that she left in peace like a sweet angel.  Please take care of each other.  I love you baby.




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