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Prince-we will never forget you, we will always be thinking about you, Love, Mommy & Daddy

Memorial created 06-24-2008 by
Kathleen Larson
March 22 1992 - June 25 2008

Prince celebrating Christmas

In loving memory of our Prince who we love so much. Prince will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.


This is our beloved pet, Prince. He was 16 1/2 years old and went to Doggie Heaven on June 25th,2008.
He was one of 10 puppies from a mother who was abandoned. Prince is a husky/golden retriever.

Prince, loved walks and remembers car rides when he was younger, sitting on our laps, anxiously waiting to find out where we were going. Over the years Prince has had many siblings and brothers who are now all in doggie heaven themselves. Prince is considered the last of the "Rat Pack" as my uncle would say! The other 3 that he grew up with (Chip, Beauty and Candy Cane(RIP)) are patiently waiting for him. He leaves a 1 1/2 yr old brother behind, bailey, who will miss him terribly!

When we asked him to speak for a treat, he would do so! On every birthday he would sing along with everyone wagging his tale, as we celebrated. Prince has brought us many smiles and so much happiness over his 16 1/2 yrs with us. We will miss him greatly.

To our Dear Prince,
We will always love you, you will forever be in our hearts.
 Love your family


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