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Memorial created 07-5-2008 by
Elaine Fisher
April 21 2006 - July 3 2008

Our love alone could not save you

In loving memory of our Buddy who we love so much. Buddy will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever. Buddy you were such a great friend to us and brought so much joy to our home. You gave me so much love and your love was unconditonal at that. You loved life and played, went for walks, car rides and loved to just be with us. You always put a smile on our face and were always happy to see us. You came to us at 8 months old a few days away from being put to sleep. We fell in love with you and adopted you and you completed our home. You were the best Christmas gift that year. God placed you in our path for a reason to be our  guardian angel to watch over us....this you did time and time again. You wouldn't rest till you saw us all in for the night.  We loved every day with you and hurt so badly that you were taken from us at a young age due to tragic events.... our love alone wasn't enough to save you boy. You were our best friend and the love of our life........Please watch over us and we will meet again.  We love you Buddy. Love Elaine, Dale, Scott,  grandma ,Mitzie and Casey.


I Love you Mommie and Daddy

I love when you would get me in this position to get ready to go for a walk with you.  Daddy I loved  that when you got home from work you gave mom a kiss then got my walker lead and a walk we did  just you and I....... The joy on my husbands face and the happiness buddy had, being with him.. Buddy was a loyal loving dog to the whole family but he was my baby.... I miss his  head on my lap checking in on us i miss the protection you gave us all. you protected your family as we also protected you....Buddy you were the best dog in the world of the Fisher's home..... thank you for all that you have done and continue to..take care of my dad and rikki your cousin and angel...I wish i had one more day with you. It is a week since we lost you i cry and ache more for my best friend... Play, run,  be free enjoy your new life . My boy i love you with all my elaine


This is a dogs life

Ah at last , I get the King bed.


Best Friends Forever

Buddy and Elaine BFF. Our friendship and love was simply the best!!!!!!


Watching Animale Planet

buddy loved to watch animale planet and life time for woman with me... as you can see this buddy boy was my soul mate and our love was simply the best,,,I thank him for coming into my life and making me smile and laugh again... he gave me a job to take care of him train him and teach his life would be safer as long as i was there......


ALl dressed up for my mom on her birthday

Buddy wanted to be part of my 39th birthday so he got all dressed up for me...  Although he wont be with me on my 40th I know that he is with me in my heart.


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