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Memorial created 07-10-2008 by
Sonia Arvin
Sadie Mae Arvin
February 14 1994 - May 18 2007

Sadie Mae Chewing Her Favorite Treat

Shortly after leaving Arizona to move for my husbands work our family was devastated with the loss of Sadie Mae.  The little sister to Stubbie Seven and his best friend and partner in crime.  We had just moved into the home in Arkansas, my husband had to leave town for business and the very night he left me, all alone, in a new city with no one we knew, Sadie Mae became deathly sick.  Poor little girl was sick all night - the next morning I looked in the phone book and found a Veterianian who would see her on short notice and one I thought wasn't too far from our house.  (see I didn't even know the area!) I took Sadie Mae to see the doctor and he wanted to do tests and run an IV and keep her over night.  Twice daily for almost a week I drove to sit with her and ask the status and find out if  the blood work up came back.  On the last day, the doctor said he had gotten one of the tests back and her kidneys were shutting down, he could virtually do nothing more to help her. He said she had such a high bacterial count-it was off the chart.  There was no turning her back.

The doctor later put the pieces together and determined her illness and death was due to tainted dog food.  The kind I later learned which Del Monte produces for many dog food brands - it was the glutten from China.  We can only figure out the one of the cans of the dog food was one of the recall products, which we had missed hearing or seeing about because of the events of making a cross country move. 

With great sadness and lots and lots and still lots of tears I made the only decision I could make-to have the doctor put my little girl out of her missery.  I held Sadie Mae so tight, and told her lovingly it would be alright and how much I loved her.  I placed my face right down to hers and looked directly into her loving and sad eyes.  At 11:00 am  on the 18th of May, 2007 slowly and silently she went to heaven.. 

Stubbie Seven and Sadie Mae were two peas in a pod - so to speak.  They were so smart as a team.  Sadie would bound across the yard as Stubbie ran.  Sadie always ran like a deer or jack rabbit - even when she was a puppy.  Sadie was the smartest, funnies and most loving dog I can remember ever having in my life.  Sadie Mae my little lady, you are missed so much by your brother, Stubbie Seven, Daddy and Mommy.  We plan to see you in heaven. 

Love & Light Always


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