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Memorial created 07-29-2008 by
Audra Gollenberg
April 5 2005 - July 27 2008

The happiest dog on earth.

In loving memory of our Ali who we love so much. Ali will be greatly missed and forever loved. I can only hope that she is now carried by angels, with no more pain, and finds lasting comfort there.  At just 3 years old, she passed away due to a brain disease, of viral origin.

The wonderful puppy who joined us just before our wedding in August 2005, taught me what it means to truly love an animal, and to receive love in return without question or hesitation. Ali was always smiling and wagging her gorgeous feather tail at whomever would look her way. Her love of life and happy demeanor was infectious, and one could not be around her without giggling. She was so silly and happy all the time.

We will never know why she was taken from us so soon.  She is everything that is pure and innocent in this world. I am told that I am a better person after having loved so deeply such a wonderful dog.  Oh Ali, we miss you so much....I would do anything if would mean you could come home.

Update: October 2008.

It's been 3 months since you left us, and there isn't a day that goes by that we do not think of you or miss you.  We have adopted another rescue puppy, as this is the only thing I can think of that makes it any easier - to save another homeless animal. Her name is Sadie, and she is very different from you. She is all black with a white heart on her chest. She is very petite at 34 pounds, and all leg! She has a few feathers on her tail. She is probably an Australian Shepherd mix, I know you would love her Ali, as you loved all creatures. She loves to romp and play, just like you do. We will always love you, I hope you are bringing joy to everyone where you are now.

I wanted to add that we found out more about your condition from the post mortem examination. The doctors say that you had a terminal brain condition, termed GME. It is something that has been around since the 1960s, but no cure, or cause for that matter, has ever been found. This is complicated by the fact that no exact diagnosis is found until necropsy. There is no way to diagnose this condition on a live animal, only speculation. The spinal tap indicated there was no bacterial infection, and the MRI revealed severe swelling on the brain stem, but several things may cause this condition. We had hoped you had a neuro-virus that would pass through in a few days. It was not to be. It was disappointing to the doctors and to us that you did not respond to any treatments given, but even if they did work, it would only have prolonged your life a few days, or months. I am so so sorry this happened to you, and please know that we tried everything to save you, and even emptied our bank account to do so. From what I have read, there is very little research on GME (it is not the hot topic of the day), and it predominantly affects middle-aged female dogs, with some tendency toward light-colored. There are hypotheses that this condition may be immune-related, but it is so difficult to research given the lack of definite diagnosis until death. We miss you, please know this. You will always be our special girl.

lots of love, your Mom.

It makes me laugh to think the last photograph that was ever taken of you, is the one on your profile. The one the strange photographer took of you drooling at the dog park. I didn't know this would be our last one of you, so I thanked him and posted it on your profile. I hope you are not embarrassed by your beautiful drool, but you just look so happy and I thought it captured the essence of you: The happiest dog on earth!

Running on the trails made Ali so happy. It was pure unadulterated joy from her. It made me so happy
Ali was so gentle with children.
Hoping for a special Christmas treat from Grandpa- Christmas 2007.
Cuddling with Dad. She was the best cuddler.
Just resting. Ali knew when it was time to relax and when it was time for play!
What a beautiful, special girl she was.
The cutest, happiest puppy on earth. She was so social, She loved everybody.
This was taken on our last day in our Pittsfield home. She loved to lay in the dirt.
Ali and brother fonzie, she loved him so much. They were constant companions. He misses her so much.
Ali loved to swim. We never tried keeping her out of the water, because it made her so happy.
Ali playing with a stick out on the trail, her favorite place to be.
Pretty girl by the Christmas tree. Dec. 2007
Santa Ali with a smile
Ali with foster brother Cody

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