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Memorial created 07-30-2008 by
Patricia Hayes
June 3 1998 - May 16 2008

Momma's Boy

In loving memory of Wrangler. 

I loved him so much. Wrangler will be greatly missed and he will be in my heart and dreams forever. Although he was sick for the last 5 years of his life, he was always brave and the strongest little fighter I ever knew. I want to thank him for teaching me how to be strong and for showing me the most wonderful unconditional love I have ever known! The bond we had was so strong and will never be broken or forgotten. He was truely a Momma's Boy!



To Wrangler,
You were the best little friend I ever had and I thank you for all your love. The bond
and love we had will carry on in my heart forever. Never to be broken or replaced. I miss you so much. You were momma's boy from the first time I saw you. That special one who took ahold of my heart and filled it with joy. I thank you for that. I was not ready to say good bye so for now I say be happy and free till we meet again my sweet angel. I love and miss you terribly, so do Kala and Lexus. Please watch over me.

Forever in my heart,




Sweet Puppy Love

This was my boy Wrangler at 10 weeks old. Isn't he so cute?  I will miss him.

His favorite things were his pillows and blankets. I still have them and will always keep them. They will be a memory of where my boy used to lay his head! 



Kisses to my best friend in the whole world.

How can anything give so much unconditional love? It is so amazing! I will always cherish our days together and I am so thankful that he was my friend.

Wrangler, Please always be with me in my dreams and I promise that I will never  forget you.  I Love You! 


Birthday Buddies

This is me and Wrangler on our Birthdays.

He was the best gift I have ever gotten in my life. I was honored to share the same birth day with him. Now I have to go on every year without him.   

         Wrangler's new birth: May 16th


Unconditional Love

Wrangler was such a happy dog!

Can't you see him smiling? All it took was to be by his side and tell him I loved him!




Wrangler's favorite toy

Wrangler took his cow with him to the Bridge

Wrangler had alot of toys that he played with but this one seemed to be his favorite. I allowed him to take his cow with him to the bridge. It will always remind him of me and of the wonderful times we had together.

Play hard buddie, it was a long time since you were able to run and jump. I hope your days are filled with fun, doing all the things that your illness kept you from. I'll see you again one day and we will never be apart again! In the meantime don't worry about me, I'll be ok! When I need you I just look into my heart and know you are with me!


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