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Memorial created 08-3-2008 by
Matt's Sister
Emma (Illusions)
February 0 1999 - May 0 2008

Trying to Catch the Beta Fish 2003

This memorial was created for my blue and white Persian, Emma.  Emma's CFA name was "Trinities Blue Illusions".  Before she became my special little girl, she was known as "Illusions".  

  As "Illusions", she was named Best Kitten in show at a CFA Cat Show in Canada.  I was told that her picture is in a CFA yearbook.  I adopted Emma/Illusions in 2001 from the local SPCA, when she was almost 2-years-old.  She had been "dumped" at the shelter, because she supposedly never went into "heat".  

  When I got Emma, she was very ill.  This was no surprise.  The shelter workers had told me that she had been neglected.  In fact, she was given to me by the shelter.   No one at the shelter thought that she would live. Basically, the shelter workers gave her to me so that she would at least live out her last few days in a real home as a pet.  I knew this, when they handed her over to me.  But, I just couldn't give up her.

  When I brought her home, she immediately bonded with my five-year-old.  She walked so excitedly up to my five-year-old.  She loved young kids.  She crawled right into my little girl's lap.  My five-year-old was so thrilled.  But, I was well aware that little Emma was very ill.

   Just a few days later, I took her to my vet.  He was absolutely horrified, when he saw her.  The first thing he said to me was, "This kitty has no nose!  How can she breath?"  Indeed, her nose was very tiny.  It was half the size of  the eraser on a #2 pencil.           


Taking a nap with BeBe 2008


Emma was my dear little girl.  She was so sick, when I first got her.  Her nose was so tiny.  And on top of that, she had a chronic sinus infection that had been left go for god knows how long.  She was also seriously under weight.  My vet couldn't make the choice for me, but I knew that he felt that she should be euthanized.  She couldn't breath and she weighed slightly over than four pounds---a very low weight for a 2-year-old cat.  I told him to just give me a little time.  He agreed to work with me.  

  She was treated with anitbiotics for her sinus infection.  One of my kids was born prematurely and I still had a premie nasal syringe from that time.  I would suction her nasal passages.  I also fed her plain yogurt since she was on some pretty heavy duty antibiotics.  OH!!! How she loved yogurt!!!!!   During her illness, she didn't have much of a sense of smell.  Cats need to be able to smell their food.  I had to force feed her with a syringe.  She always seemed to have an appetite for yogurt, though.  I gave her plain yogurt, but she developed a taste for flavored yogurt.  I'll never forget the day I walked in on my youngest daughter sharing her blueberry yogurt with Emma.  My six-year-old would take a bite, then she would give Emma a spoonful.  Yuck!!        

  After a few months, Emma got better.  She was on a maintance dose of Clavamox for awhile . Less than a year later, she weighed 5lb 1 oz.  My vet was so impressed.  What's more, she went into heat!!!  A sign of good health!!! I guess her breeder was wrong!!!!   However, I had never wanted to breed Emma.  When Emma was well enough, we had her spayed.  It was still touch and go with Emma, though.  She had several bouts with sinus infections that first year.   

Emma had her moments.  We spent a lot of time at the vet's office.  But, she seemed so happy.  Emma loved to chase moths and Lady Bugs that got into the house.  Whenever I was writing with a pen or pencil, she wanted to attack the pen or pencil.   Emma loved straws.  If anyone had a drink with a straw in it, Emma would pester till she got the straw.  She'd chew  and chew on a straw.  She also loved to roll the straw all over and chase it. 

  She, also,  loved to chase our Beta Fish around in his bowl. Although this was one of her favorite activities, we decided that this wasn't as much fun for the Beta Fish.  One day, she and Sadie, our Psycho Calico, figured out to get the top off the fish bowl.  They had seen us do it so many times, when we fed him.  Both of them had soaking wet paws from trying to reach into the bowl to catch him.  That same day, the Beta fish went to live at the neighbor's house!!!    

   No one ever thought that Emma would live to be three-years-old. She was really doing well.  My eldest daughter got a kitten.  Emma and the kitten were inseparable.  I think that Emma loved the idea that the kitten was actually smaller than her.  All my other cats were adults and were much, much larger than Emma.  At Christmas time, Emma would chase the kitten into the Xmas tree.  The kitten loved it!!  While I was wrapping presents one day, Emma chased the kitten into the bag of Xmas bows.   Emma was so playful.  Even though she was nearly three-years-old at this time, she played like a kitten and she even did the little sideways hop like a young kitten,  Everyone thought that all her troubles were over.  She loved the colorful Xmas bows.  She had a glorious time pulling the bows off gifts and tearing them to shreds!!!!   She also liked to knock the bulbs off the Xmas tree.  If any of my other kitties had done this, they would've been severely scolded; but with Emma, I was so happy to see her act like any other healthy cat that, I decided  let her do whatever she wanted.  I never thought that she'd live very long.  Better to have a short merry life... 

  Everything was going so well.  But, I made the terrible mistake of adopting a shaded silver Persian from a  a so called rescue.  He was a sweet cat, but I wrongly trusted the "rescue" worker implicitly.  This poor little shaded silver persian had feline aids.  He got ring worm---that's how we found out that he had aids.  With a heavy heart, he was euthanized in my arms.  Emma's immune system had never been strong.  She got ring worm, too.  Antifungal drugs can be really harsh.  Emma almost died.  It was another full year before Emma was really well again---but she did recover.  It took a lot of work, but she was such a trouper.  I loved her so much.  When she almost died, I prayed and prayed.  Her sinus infection returned.  She was back on Clavamox and then she had to go on a maintenance dose again.  She got really skinny again.  Eventually, she recovered and gained weight.  All was well. 

  I had had Emma a few years when,  she got really sick.  She had diarrhea and she wouldn't eat or drink.  My regular vet was out of town, so I took her to another vet 30 miles away. He was the only one, who would see her on a moments notice.  Emma's health could be fine one minute then decline  to near death within hours.  She was diagnosed with an over growth of clostridia in her bowel.  It was a no win situation.   We could keep her on the antibioitcs for her respitory infections and deal with trying to keep the natural floral in her digestive sysytem in check or we could take her off the antibiotics and she would eventually die of pneumonia. I was, truly, expecting to bury this kitty.   I decided to get help from  Some really nice people with the same experiences  helped me.  They instructed me to use certain herbal medications and some other therapies.  It wasn't easy.   She still had to be on antibiotics for her respitory infections.  She was so congested.  She couldn't smell her food.  So again, she had to be force fed for several months.  Eventually, she was fully recovered!!!!!  It was wonderful!!!!  

  She gained weight.  She was playful again!!!  And, she was so very spoiled!!!  She became our demanding baby!!!   Thankfully, her demands were easily fulfilled.  For the most part, she wanted just to be loved!!!  We went two full years with no problems with Emma.  She was no longer on a maintenance dose of antibiotics or prednisone.  She willingly and heartily ate dry catfood.  Infact, she seemed to prefer the dry catfood over the wet prescription foods to which she had been so accustomed.   The only major problem that we had with her is that she absolutely insisted upon sleeping on pillows with pillow cases that were 400 thread count or better.  LOL!!!!  Now, just for the record---Emma was a Persian Cat---she couldn't read---so it wasn't all in her head.  But she could tell the difference between 200 thread count, 400 thread count, and 600 thread count pillow  cases.  I'll never forget how she could  force my 6ft , 195 lb husband of his pillow at night.  At  bedtime, she liked to sleep snuggled closely to our heads with her head resting on one of our cheeks.  Like clock work, she always let us know that 12 midnight  was the latest that she wanted to go to bed.  She would have no rest till we were in bed with her. She was my little doll.  

    But my Emma developed IBS one-year-ago.  Nothing we did seemed to help her.  Her health contiued to decline.  We finally had to let her go one morning this past May.  I love my Emma.  She was such a little fighter.  She wanted to live, but her poor little body just wouldn't let her.  I hope that she forgives me for making the choice that day.  She was my love and always will be.

Emma and Benny crossed the Bridge together on the same day.  it was such a terrible day for me.  To lose them both on the same day....

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My Emma


Sweet Emma
My Good Girl Recovering from an Illness

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