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Memorial created 08-10-2008 by
Kristie Powell
August 6 1994 - March 14 2008

You will Always be Mommy's Boy!

In loving memory of our Shermin who we love so much. Shermin went to be with Jesus on March 14th, 2008 at 4:45 pm after a 5 year battle with cancer.  Shermin will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.   My life will never be the same without my lil man.  I miss him more than words on this page could ever express.


Hey Mom what about a big wet kiss?

I miss his kisses!


So adorable!

He was the best dog ever!  He was in fact much more than just a dog....he was my son, my heart, my soul, my forever companion and gave me many years of comfort and love.  He was my strength at times when I did not think I had strength.  He was my everything!  Notice his Mickey Mouse spot?  Yep he was one of a kind that is for sure!

Shermin boy, you are mommas boy and will forever remain in my heart son!  I MISS YOU!


Mommy's Angel

He loved to cuddle and snuggle!  what a bed hog he was.  But my bed feels so empty now....I would rather fight for my spot in the king sized bed than to not have him there with me anymore.


Grandma's Pride n Joy

And oh my, he was such a Grandma's boy!  She misses you so much too son.  She actually keeps your ashes on her fireplace mantle.  I would like to have your ashes at home with me but seeing I am driving truck over the road now, if something were to happen at home while I am gone, I would never forgive myself if I couldn't save your ashes.  So they are in very safe keeping with Grandma.


Umm excuse me but I know I am cute!

You are such a handsome boy!  Mommy sure does miss you son!  And I love you sooo soooo much!  Run and play bubbas till we meet again!


Big brothers are the best!

Moppie and Armani Jo miss their big brother!  You were always such a good big brother, always so loving and gentle!  And people say pitt bulls are mean?  Not you baby boy!  I Love You Son!


**Update** July 2016, Moppie crossed the Rainbow Bridge to be with you baby boy after she too battled that awful disease called cancer! :(

I pray you're running and playing like 2 playful puppies :)  I love and miss you all so much!!!


your kisses made my day son!

If I could only kiss you just one more time.......


I will never forget the way it felt to hold you!

And hold you just one more time........


Rest in Peace Son! I LOVE YOU!

Mommy will never forget the day I last held you, you went into your last peaceful sleep.You are missed each and every day!  And will be forever!  Keep me strong son!  Mommy feels so lost without you, I cry all the time.  It has been 5 months and it does not seem to be getting any easier.  I would give anything to have been able to save you.  If love could have saved you bubba, you would still be here with me.  But till mommy gets to Heaven, run and play as you did before you got sick.  Give Auntie Sharon and Auntie Leah hugs and kisses for me!  And make sure they give you all of your treats too!  Do theyhave Slim Jims in Heaven boy?  They were surely your favorite.  Everytime we went bye bye you knew mommy would be stopping off at the store for your Slim Jim and since you are not here anymore....every time Moppie and Armani Jo go bye bye we eat one for you. 



Shermin son keep your eye on your little brother who joined you in Heaven on 08/31/2008. 

Charlie, mommy misses you too baby and I am so sorry this happened to you. Just know that I love and miss you too!  Your babies are running all over crying looking for their daddy.  You were such a good daddy!!!!  I have never saw a daddy cat that would lay with and clean their babies!  What a charming guy you were buds!  You may have only been with me 10 months but I wished for a lifetime with you.  Your time with me was too short.  :( You stay by your big brothers side till mommy sees you again.


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