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Memorial created 08-12-2008 by
Kerry D.
Rosebud "Rosie"
March 1 1996 - August 8 2008

Our Sweet Rosie

In loving memory of our Rosebud "Rosie" who we love so much.  Rosie will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.


Rosebud "Rosie" was such a sweet soul. Rosie was a black, white and orange long-haired calico. Her fur was soft like a bunny.  She had beautiful emerald green eyes.  She loved her family and her "sister" Daisy Jane very much and we all loved her. She was a very important part of our family and lives. Rosie was adopted from the Camarillo Animal Shelter in March 1999. She was a skinny, scared little cutie who was found by her "mom" who fell in love with her immediately!  She looked very scared and had that "doe in the headlights" look.  When her new mom held her at the shelter, Rosie just "melted" in her mom's arms.  Her mom took her home from the shelter and she slept on her mom and dad's bed the first night in her new home. When Rosie was in her new home for two months, she became the "big sister" to Daisy Jane. Rosie "put up with" her new sister Daisy. Rosie, being the typical "older sister" wasn't interested in all the childish play that Daisy was. Rosie would put her paw on Daisy's head as if to hold her back. When Daisy grew up, the roles reversed. Rosie would want to play with Daisy and Daisy was the one who wasn't as interested until Rosie would turn her back and then Daisy would "sneak attack"! Rosie loved to sit at the sliding glass window with Daisy and watch the outdoors. She also loved to roll over and get her belly rubbed.   If she saw a pair of shoes or slippers on the floor, she would lay on them.   She would also use the TV remote control on the couch as a pillow.   Rosie loved to be petted and scratched on her back. It would make her purr very loud. Rosie had a "nervous tick" where she would lick her fur if someone scratched near the beginning of her tail.  In the nine years she lived with her family, she lived like a queen.
Our family is very sad and devastated at the loss of our beloved Rosie. Our only comfort at this time are our special memories and knowing that we rescued her from the animal shelter and gave her a very loving home.

We miss you, Rosie, and we will love you and keep you forever in our hearts!

Precious sleepy girl
Christmas Kitty
Rosie girly girl
Curled up in a basket
Our Little Rosie
Rosie loved to lay in the sun

She loved her sister Daisy!

Daisy and Rosie loved to wash each other and sleep next to one another.  In this picture, you can see how Rosie is "kissing" her sister!

Rosie & Daisy lounging
Rosie girl
Belly up waiting to be petted


You will always be with us and we'll never forget how much joy and love you brought to our lives.  There is an empty space in our home without you.  Rosie, may you be at peace and know how much your family loves and misses you.  Until we meet again....

Love always,

Mom, Dad, Andy, Daniel & Daisy


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