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Memorial created 08-22-2008 by
Mary Ellen Goormastic
March 5 1997 - August 20 2008

In loving memory of our Buddy who we love so much. Buddy will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.

Buddy was a great cat. He was given to me as a gift two weeks after I had to put my cat Frisky down. He has always had the best personality. He was a mama's boy. He loved attention. He always layed with me. Especially at night. I would be in bed reading a book and he always laid on top of me. He'd rub his head on the book for attention. I taught him to jump in my arms. It became harder as he grew. He became a fat cat.

He was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism recently. It is a popular disease in geriatric cats. I caught it at the point of no return. By the time I realized there was a problem he had lost a ton of weight. He was 7 lbs. at his final appointment. At that point I had to make the difficult decision of having him put down. We tried medication but he was getting worse. His body was eating his muscle. He began having a hard time walking. I made an appointment immediately the next morning and found that there wasn't much more to be done. We could have possibley extended his life 6 months to a year but of 'course there are no guarantees. I felt that I couldn't do that to him and had to let go.

Buddy will surely be missed.


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