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Memorial created 09-6-2008 by
Aunt Patty Barraza
Tab Doyle
April 1 1997 - September 6 2008

In loving memory of our Tab O'Brien Doyle who we love so much. Tab O'Brien Doyle will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.

Tab loved to sit on his "perch", where he was available for petting. 

Tim could not pass that spot without stopping to give due love and homage.


During the winter months, we would have the pleasure of Tab's company, because during the warmer weather, he would usually be out on the prowl, continually guarding the perimeter of his property from the maurading cats next door.


Tab was an amazing cat.  He loved his home, his family, and the other animals in the house.  He was an adventurer, hunter, companion and master treat moocher.


Tab liked to play.  Of course, the inside toys couldn't provide half as much fun as the outside, but he would humor us and play anyway.


Tab loved to sit on the deck.  He especially liked to sit on the railing, however, would inevitably jump off if a camera was in the vicinity.  We will have to make due with this picture of him at the door.


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