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Memorial created 09-19-2008 by
Molly Vannoy
March 2 2000 - September 15 2008

Heidi's favorite place

In loving memory of our Heidi who we love so much. Heidi will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.

We want you back here to sit at the edge of the property and work your magic on all who pass by.  Because you did that so well.


This is in  memory of our Heidi.  She was here for a time too short and will be missed and loved for a time eternal. 

Heidi was our best friend and a funny big sister to her kitty sibling Sissy.  Heidi, Sissy's searching for you.  She's missing you too.



All the rides you so loved to go on.  I wish you were here for just one more. 


Mom and Heidi at the park.  Let's just ride that old wagon to where nothing could ever hurt you. 


I'll keep you safe dad.  This old buggy won't go too fast.


Remember all the days at the park?  This one was really special.  It's changed a lot, but you didn't mind.  Are you wondering where all the kids are?  They all grew up, sweetie. 


Heidi dear girl. We miss you so much!!!  We'll see you at the Rainbow Bridge.  Have fun till we get there.


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