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Memorial created 10-23-2008 by
Bob Fowler
March 8 1998 - October 11 2008

Our Sweet Baby Girl Jesse

In loving memory of our Jesse who we love so much. Jesse will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.

Jesse ... Baby Girl ... Cujo ... ... Doodle ... Lump ... just a few of the names she answered to.  Jesse was the joy of our lives .. and she'll miss her first Halloween in 10 years.  The neighborhood kids were always afraid of her at first .. the dark fur, eyes that glowed red in the light .. but all it took was one big body wag and a swipe of the tongue and they were hooked on her -- just as we were. 

We lost Jesse far too quickly.  We just returned from vacation and picked Jesse and her brother Travis up from the kennel.  It was great to see them and they were very excited to be going home.  Once home, they both played in the back yard with renewed energy but Jesse took a tumble on the steps up the deck.  A little later we noticed her acting restless and coughing as if something was caught in her throat.  We took her back outside for a bit, but then noticed how firm her belly had become.  By the time we got her to the emergency clinic it was near the end as a result of the tissue damage caused by the restricted circulation. 

Jesse died from Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus -- her stomach flipped over restricting the ability for stomach fluid and gasses to escape.  Very quickly, the stomach fills with gas further restricting the blood flow to the stomach itself.  Riding with her to the clinic was a nightmare -- she was in such pain and continued to lick my hand pleading with me to help her.   The vet explained the situation, planted a small seed of hope and we approved the surgery to correct the flip.  We were told the surgery would take  3 - 4 hours and we should go home -- the worst decision we've ever made.  The vet called about 2 hours later and told us the flip had been corrected but the stomach tissue was severely compromised -- we had to consider letting Jesse go, and we agreed. 

I wish the vet had been more direct about how dire the situation was and I wish we'd never left the clinic -- we weren't able to hold her and say goodbye.  The guilt is terrible.... 

We made the right decision -- Jesse is in a better place, but I just want to hold her again. 



Her Halloween clip

Jesse came into our lives from the local Humane Society when she was around 2.  A friend of ours who volunteered there called us about this beautiful ... gentle .. terrified dog that we needed to see.   Her prior dad was elderly and could no longer care for her and she was so terrified of being at the Humane Society.  Elton and I went to visit .. she was curled up against the gate but she lifted her head up to lick our hands as we pressed fingers through the fence.    We worried about our current dog Honey and weren't convinced that Jesse would be a good fit.  A week later...we knew she belonged with us and adopted her. 

The journey begins....more to come...


Sweet Baby Honey -- our first little girl

I added a few more pictures to the photo album today.  I included Honey and Sheba, Jesse's older sisters. 

Honey was older when we adopted Jesse and remained the matriarch of the family.  Much smaller, but streetwise, she taught Jesse most of what she needed to know to get her way around the house.  Play with your humans whenever they want, come when called by silly names, pretend to go to the bathroom when directed, destroy your toys as quickly as possible and guard the house while protecting your humans.

Honey also taught Jesse to lay on the stair landing so you could see out all of the windows across the front of the house.  The first picture of Jesse is her doing just that.

Jesse adored Honey, almost as much as she adored her dad Elton.  We lost Honey 3 years ago this past August at the ripe old age of 16. 


Jesse pushed me in the pool -- I can't swim

This is another older sister -- Sheba.  Sheba actually belonged to my parents and she worshipped my father.  The two of them would sit in a bench swing in the backyard for hours.   My father passed in 1992 and Sheba came to live with us when my mother moved to an assisted living home.  Sheba was an outdoor dog and not in great health.  Upon her first vet visit, we found out she had a tumor on her spleen and heartworms.  We taught Sheba to be an indoor dog, cared for her and gave her 2 really good years.  Even though she was older, she'd give Jesse a good pounce every now and then.  Sheba was a funny girl in many ways and we developed a whole new vocabulary for her mannerisms and antics.  We lost Sheba Christmas Day, 2004.

BTW - Jesse really did push Sheba in the pool.  Jesse was running to her dad Elton, bolted past Sheba and knocked her in the pool.  Sheba really couldn't swim and Elton was forced to jump in -- fully clothed -- to rescue her.

"Sheba, Sheba -- the act of getting in the way, blocking the path, impeding progress"

Now, all three of our girls are together again.



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