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Memorial created 10-25-2008 by
Cheryl Litle
August 1 1994 - March 3 2006

In loving memory of our Cyrano who we love so much. Cyrano will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever!






Memories of Cyrano

Cy, you were and always will be our special guy. The funny things you did, and how you protected me. You are so special. Life without you is very difficult. But life does go on. You will always be our special guy, and no one will ever take your place. You were our funny guy, so loving and giving, well manored, and a joy every day. The way you walked with Don and his wheelchair, and everyone around in North county knew you. You were so special to so many people. You were the handsome guy, going to the nursing homes with me, and visiting the older adults, those were long days for you, but you went and gave your love to those who felt they had no love. The people who responded to you were really touched, they may not have spoken a word to any other staff person, but they talked to you. Whatever you did, it was always a caring, helpful duty, and it benefitted everyone who ever came in touch with you. Now, you at RB with Genney and Rosebud. Now is the time for you to have a good time for yourself, without serving others. Although when you were working, that is when you were the happiest. You loved working on the exercises with Don, and the progress he made with your help. Always know that you were a big part of his rehab.Take care my guy, and be happy.


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