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Memorial created 11-22-2008 by
Amy Zinn
April 11 1998 - November 11 2008

My sweet girl... I miss this face so much!

Beating the odds from the very beginning Bailey lost her brave and courageous battle with cancer on Nov.11th.

Bailey came into my life in June of 1998 and on our first vet visit I was told she had “a significant heart murmur” a week later a cardiac echo revealed she had moderate/severe sub-aortic stenosis and was told she may not live a year. No one ever shared this information with Bailey though. 

Bailey was truly the definition of a gentle soul, she loved everyone she met and they in turn fell in love with her. Bailey never met a stranger and had the uncanny ability to make everyone instantly fall in love with her, she was truly special.

In her 10 years Bailey loved and was loved by countless people, she was luck enough to be able to go to work with her Mommy and grew up with Sarah and Andrew, anxiously awaiting their bus to arrive, so she had someone to play soccer with. 

Bailey was there through respiratory school and a very difficult and emotional time for me with unconditional love and a sympathetic ear, she had the ability to “just know” when she was truly needed and would rest her sweet head on your lap and give kisses, something she was very good at!

Bailey and I moved to North Carolina in July 2004 and became roommates with Kerry and Chloe. Aunt Kerry was a bit nervous at first that she and Chloe might not get along, but I knew my Bailey, and that’s when she became friends with her first cat. The two of them did alot of sleeping and relaxing together! It did not take long before her Aunt Kerry fell madly in love with her too and Bailey loved her right back.

It was in NC that Bailey met perhaps her biggest fan......her favorite neighbor Karl, she had him wrapped around her giant paw in no time. He kept treats in the garage for her and she looked for him every-time we went outside.

Bailey was diagnosed with nasal adenocarcinoma in Feb. 05 after meeting with Dr. Ruslander, her amazing oncologist, we began our battle with cancer, 18 radiation treatments,surgery and then recovery. The prognosis again not good 12-18 months, but knowing the strength my dog had I thought we should fight, and fight she did she lived 3 quality years after diagnosis. Thanks to the VSH oncology dept and staff for their support.

R.I.P my sweet girl, Mommy misses you everyday!





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