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Memorial created 12-1-2008
April 1 1992 - November 25 2008

sitting pretty

In loving memory of our Pupun who we love so much. Pupun will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.We were blessed to have Pupun in our lives for a long 16 and a half years.

This is your last picture before you left our world to go to Rainbow Bridge.I feel like a part of me is gone with you.She was my first and only cat I ever had.  I remember when you would sleep in bed with me, every morning you would wake me up by nuzzleing my face, as if saying to me, 'its time to get up now", I guess you didnt want me to be late for work. I miss you so much pretty. My sweet babygirl, my little baby goose, those were a few nick names i had for her.She lived a long,beautiful life. She gave birth to three litters. So, she has a bunch of little Pupuns running around somewhere.I would tell her all the time how much i loved her and give her kisses on the nose, then she would shake her head.You were such a good cat, you never hissed at anyone, even when we got Max, you never hissed at him, all thoug you did do an occasional swat, but other wise you were very sweet. He just wanted to play with you. I know he made you mad, and when he would get too close to you, your eyes would get really small, like you were squinting at him, silly thing you are, my silly goose. You are the only cat I ever had. I got you when I was 17. And now you are gone. I never wanted to think of this day, all though I knew sooner or later, I knew It  would come. You will be missed so much, my little baby girl, your are being missed. Mommy loves you, forever.The hardest thing I ever had to do was putting you to sleep.I cried so much, hoping that it was the right thing to do.I didnt want you to leave me yet, I wasnt ready for that. I wish I could of kept you with me forever, but I know thats impossible.It all hapeened so unexpectedly and fast. I know now your at peace and rested and no longer in pain, if you were.The vet thought it was the best thing to do. I didnt want you to suffer. We werent sure if you were, but we knew soon  enough that you would be. You will forever be in my heart, and never be forgotten.I wonder if your missing me as much as i miss you. You are my pretty girl. I wish I could give you just one more kiss, and give you a great big hug. So here is my kiss and hug to you sweet baby girl.I wish I could scratch you under the chin, you loved that so much. I hope you enjoyed your life here with me, because I enjoyed mine with  you.   

12/20/08 It's been just over 3 weeks you've been gone. I still miss you like the day you left. Christmas will be here soon, and i miss seeing you lay under the tree. You always looked so pretty under it, with all the lights shining. Your such a pretty girl Pupun.I hope your running and playing and enjoying life at Rainbow Bridge. You deserve it. Max misses you too. H e still looks for you in the stairs to go downstairs. Your hangout was on the steps. Merry Christmas my pretty pets!! Mommy misses you and loves you, always will.                                                                                


Pupun with her Max, that liked to chase her all the time

We got Max about 3 and half years before Pupun passed away. He always liked to chase her away, but she wouldnt always run, sometimes Max would get a nice swat across the nose. That would teach him to leave her alone, only for a while, till next time. They would have some nice times together, when they would share the same water dish. And they would touch noses. That was sweet. I know Max misses you ,too. He spends some time laying down ,looking down and waiting to see you at the stairs where you used to lay all the time. That was your spot. I still now , when I walk pass the stairs, expect to see you, and  say hi to my pretty baby..


I know Im beautiful!!!

Here you at Memere and Peperes house, when we were still living there. Im sure they both miss you too.They loved you  and cared  for you  too.


Getting ready to go for it!!

Here you are being a little silly, laying flat on the floor.This is what you would do right before you would go after something. I f you had your eye on something, you would lay flat, wiggle your butt, then go after it. Silly goose you are!!!


What a good mommy I am

Here she is being a good mommy and feeding her little babies. Pupun must of been about 2 or 3 years old here. She looks so young. She had 3 litters,but I dont remember which one this one is.


Taking care of my babies!!

Here she is taking care of her babies. What a good girl. She was so gentle with them. She was a good momma.


This is a good spot!!

She always liked to lay on the window sill. she was an indoor cat, so that was her place to watch all the birds, squirrels, and other cats in the neighborhood. we had alot of stray cats in the neighborhood. i kept her indoors when we moved next to a busy highway, i was afraid she would get hit by a car. and of all the stray cats,too.


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