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Memorial created 12-11-2008 by
Katie Dunn
March 22 1992 - August 25 2008

This memorial has been created to honor the memory of BooBoo, our beloved, fluffy little girl.

Samantha "BooBoo" Sheir-Khan Eden Dunn was born on March 22, 1992 and adopted on May 23, 1992.  She was the cutest and loudest kitten at the Jefferson Animal Shelter in Harahan, Louisiana.  Our friend Tom was with us when we picked her out, and he told me, "Hey Kate--this one talks as much as you do!"  It was a match made in heaven.

The Boo was the best companion I could ask for.  She kept me company throughout my last two years of college and stayed with me through marriage, two kids, and a couple of cross-country moves.  Although she was finicky around other people, Miss Boo loved me more than any pet could love her human, and I miss her every day.

BooBoo and her Daddy had a tumultuous relationship, but in the end they loved each other dearly.  Boo is very much missed by her little brother, Alex, whose earliest memories are of loving on her soft fur.  Boo's little sister Emma misses her, too, although I'm not sure the feeling would be mutual.  ;-)

BooBoo is looking down at us from the Great Kitty Beyond right now, happy that we've found comfort and love with our new babies, Jake and Hetfield, and especially thrilled that we chose to wait until after Boo was gone before bringing kittens into the house.  BooBoo's memory fills our house, from her photos and paw-print casts to her Christmas stocking.  Although I'm sad every day to be without her, I am eternally grateful for the love and companionship she gave me for almost seventeen years.  Godspeed, Mama's Girl.



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