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Memorial created 12-13-2008 by
Terri Ott
Samantha Ott
March 0 2000 - December 12 2008

In loving memory of our sweet Sam. We will miss her greatly. She fought a good fight and it was very hard to make the decision to let her go. She was a loving, funny baby and we know that there will never be another like her.

I feel honored that I had the opportunity to spend eight years with her. She brought us much laughter with her unusual ways.



Samantha loved to snuggle. She loved to spend the weekends lying in my arms. I could put her down and before I was able to stand up, she was back up in my lap or arms. I  miss snuggling with her.


Of course, she kinda liked snuggling with her dad too, as long as he didn't snore!


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