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Memorial created 12-21-2008 by
Elizabeth Schmidt
April 1 1997 - December 1 2008

Little Stinker

In loving memory of our Monsoon who we love so much. Monsoon will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever. She was a big part of our lives, especially when I was single and had someone to come home to.  She saved my life from a burning pumpkin on Halloween, and we saved her life from Cryptococcus fungal infection.


Monsoon would wake me up in the morning with a delicate paw on the nose or eye.  She could be moody, but was very sweet.  In her last years, she would sleep with her head and chin on my head.  She loved her belly rubbed and enjoyed all holidays especially Christmas.


She was very respected by her little brother Clyde, who sorely misses her.  We thank Karen at Animal Safe Haven where she spent her last year away from home where she ruled the cats and had a throne and boyfriend. 

We had her visit for holidays, but her illness prevented her from living in a normal home, so rather than put her down, she had a home in Agua Dulce with friends.


Monsoon will be missed very much by her Mom and Dad and always have a special place in our hearts. 


 Her Momma and Dadda

I miss her.

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