Creating memorials in loving memory of our pets...

Memorial created 07-4-2006 by
Pat Grayson
March 0 1994 - June 7 2006

In loving memory of my wonderful Jessie..a big black bear of a dog, always laying in a doorway, always being told to move...always ready to love matter what...hating those stairs at the end...but willing to do whatever she was told to do...just because she loved me. I love you Jessie..and I miss you ...and I will never forget you. You are my "puppala". It has been three months since you left me have never left my heart. I still can't stop the tears from flowing. I still think of the day you left and I would give anything to have made your passing easier. I'm so sorry that you suffered. My dear dear Jessie...I miss you so very much.


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