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Memorial created 12-27-2008 by
Cheryl Bradley
April 16 1969 - December 27 2008

Silly Old Man

We will miss you.  They don't make horses like you anymore.  Go run free you "Silly Old Man"  You deserve it.  You lived a long happy life. 


2008 - Getting a little swayback!

 The old man was getting a little swayback in his later years.  He really stayed in good condition for along time.  We saw lots of younger horses that did not have hip muscles that he had.  People often commented that he did not look his age.  


2007 - Coffee's Mini's

 You would have thought Coffee was the father when Misti was born.  He was 37 years old then and he spent all his time going up and down the fence trying to see the foal.  Very proud "Grandpa"!  He loved his Mini's.  We got Holly in 2006 and for Coffee it was love at first sight.  (Holly not so much so)  When she foaled in 2007 Coffee let everyone know the foal was here, he just nickered and nickered.  He would stay as close to the fence as he could without the mare running him off.  


2008 - Silly Old Man!

 He was aways very alert.  We have had old horses before (30, 32, & 34)  but they were starting to get confused.  NOT Coffee.  Up until the very end he always knew what was going on in "His Area"  you could not pull one over on him.  We called him the Silly Old Man because he always wanted things done his way.  


16 April 2009  

Happy Birthday Silly Old Man!!!

     Well you would have been the Big 40 today.  We still miss you.  The potbelly piggies really miss you since they do not get all the feed you dropped on the ground.  

     I still have not put anyone in your paddock.  I let the minis in once in awhile to eat grass.  Misti always goes and stands on your grave.  I thanks she knows her "Grandfather" is there.

     You have some cows to herd up there now.  Lucy, Angie, Amos, and #8 have all gone to join you.  That should keep you busy for awhile.

Well, take care up there Old Man.  

Miss you lots




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