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Memorial created 12-29-2008 by
Karen Bagley
Kit-Cat Bagley
April 1 1990 - December 25 2008


In loving memory of our Kit-Cat who we love so much. Kit-Cat will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.

Kit-Cat has been in my life since she was a kitten and I was 18 years old. I have had her all of my adult life. Her loss is so devastating to me, I feel like a chapter of my life has been closed. We've seen it all together.

Kit-Cat was a funny little kitten, she played non-stop. We had a cocker spaniel named Lady when we got her and they were the best of buddies. If she made the slightest noise Lady was there to check on her, I think Lady thought Kit-Cat was her baby. They would sleep together, Kit-Cat tucked in as close as she could get.

Kit-Cat always adapted well to whatever enviroment she was in. She came into my life during a transitional period and we moved probably 10 times during her life. She always got along well with other animals.



Kit-Cat & Simon

She was 6 years old when I got Simon, she loved him so much. When he was a puppy they played all of the time, she would let him do anything to her without ever hurting him. One day when Simon was about 1 1/2 years old they were playing a little ruff and he bit her on the belly, hard.  Realizing he wasn't a baby anymore, she wrapped her paws around his neck and was kicking him with her back feet and bitting him. He screamed and ran up the stairs, his feelings were so hurt. He laid at the top of the stairs and pouted, then he came down a couple of steps at a time and pouted some more. It took him hours to get up his nerve up to come all the way back down. From that day forward he had a whole new respect for her. They always got along so good and they were so sweet to one another.


Simon pouting on the stairs

When I was looking through my pictures I found this picture of Simon and it reminded me of that day.


As Kit-Cat got older she kept to herself,  she stayed in her bedroom most of the time. She didn't want to be bothered by the dogs. Greg (my husband) always took care of her, he really loved her. I knew when we were dating, I came home from work one night and he had come over cleaned my house and scooped her litter pan, that he was the one for me. Especially knowing he had never had a cat before and he was allergic to them. He never seemed to mind petting her and caring for her even if his eyes swell up. She was such a sweet kitty.


She would still play with a string, as old as she was I had her chasing a string last week. We knew she didn't have much time left, you could just see it in her face. I think she held on until Christmas for me, so I wouldn't be sad. I think she knew it was already going to be hard for me without Simon and she didn't want to add to my sadness.  She was always such a good kitty. We checked on her before we left our house on Christmas day and she was fine, when we got home that night she was gone


I hope her and Simon are together again waiting for me at Rainbow Bridge. I love and miss them both sooooo very much.

Sweet little kitten

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