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Jeanie Marvin
April 4 1997 - September 17 2007

"Frederick Rupert von Baerlein, aka "Freddy" came to us at just 8 weeks old along with his litter-mate sister, Fritzi.   He was always a melancholy boy, very soulful and devoted to his Mama, Papa, and sister Fritzi. 

Freddy was also called "Ready Freddy" and "Mr. Adventure Boy".  He was always ready for an adventure!  His favorite place was the beloved regional park where we would walk several times a week for his entire life.  Freddy loved to chase the "duckies" and bark at the other dogs he passed.  He never got tired of that park, every time we went it was like the first time!

Freddy was especially devoted to his, Jeanie.  He loved to cuddle and nessle his sweet head on my shoulder.  How I miss the feeling of that precious boy resting his chin on my shoulder and sighing that puppy sigh.  

Freddy was SO SMART, and loved to learn, so I took him to the local dog training school where he learned a little of everything.  Agility, basic commands...he was 8 years old but he was the star of the class!  I was so proud of him, and he enjoyed it so much.

When Freddy was 9 years old, he was diagnosed with a heart murmur.  We hoped that he would make it longer than he did, but sadly in spite of excellent care, lots of medications, a wonderful vet and skilled cardiologist, Freddy left us just one year later.   

My heart was broken; Freddy was truly the dog love of my life.  I will never forget him, having no children he and his sister have been, as we called the, our "puppy children".   I don't think a day will go by that I don't wish to have him back here with us, happy healthy and whole.


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