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Memorial created 01-15-2009 by
Brigitte Sleiertin
April 15 1996 - January 14 2009

  My sweet boy gave me 10 years of fun, friendship and love. He was an elegant gentleman and a good family horse. His versatility was exceptional from horse showing as a hunter, trail riding, hunter pacing, dressage and just giving my small children a pony ride.

 I miss him so, so much. Not having a horse in my life for the first time in 35 years is bad, not having him in my life is worse. Rest in peace my buddy.

You truly were "the One".


A Horseless Horseman


In my hand only a pen

yet my fingers feel the

tension of the reins.


I sit in my chair

motionless, yet

I feel the rhythm of hooved feet.


Though our communication was

always in silence,

the silence now is deafening.


My partner has gone to 

a place I cannot yet follow

and I am lost.


I will find another

but I will have to

master his language

mold his skill

and meet his expectations.


When all I want in the world

is the comfort of one more ride

with my old friend.


- Brigitte Sleiertin

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