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Memorial created 01-17-2009 by
NaTosha Haney
Bleu (Benjamin Bleu)
April 10 1990 - January 11 2009

In loving memory of our Bleu (Benjamin Bleu) who we love so much. Bleu (Benjamin Bleu) will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.


I received Bleu for my thirteenth birthday and he became the love of my life.  He was there for me when my Nana passed away and when my Papa was killed.  We were inseparable.  I watched him grow from a frisky kitten that rolled toilet paper from one end of the house to the other.  I remember the day that he ruined my Nana's new curtains with his sharp claws before he was declawed.  But then, soon he became a beautiful gentlemen.  His long, white, silky hair and beautiful blue eyes charmed everyone that he met.  He became quite a social young man.  Every year he would visit my mother's kindergarten class when she introduced the letter "C".  He was quite the educated cat.  He was alway attending school with me and attending school functions.  Everyone knew him, had heard about him, or had seen pictures of him.  During the summers, he would sit in his baby play pen around the pool and watch me swim.  He loved to roll on the concrete.  But all in all, he was an inside cat.  David, who was soon to become his daddy, tried to build him a cat house.  But Bleu did not feel very secure in it since one wall was taller than the other and the house tended to lean forward.  Bleu never ventured far from his mother, Natosha.  Bleu, now that you are gone, I can close my eyes at night and I almost feel you crawling up on my chest for scratchings as you would do everynight before we would fall asleep.  You were and are SO loved.



 In 1999 when NaTosha and David got married, Bleu had to share his mother with Rex.  Rex was a yellow persian that belonged to David.  Bleu was not too anxious to share his liter box and food bowl, but Rex was all about being nosey and whatever Bleu had, Rex wanted.  So, being the gentlemen that Bleu had become, he willing shared everything with Rex, including his mother.  Rex and Bleu spent many hours together looking out the window, eating, sleeping, and visiting their extended family when mother and daddy had to be out of town.  But when it came to ultimate happiness, Bleu and Rex just enjoyed being at home and napping with Mom and Dad.

In November 2007, Rex was taken from us due to cancer.  Bleu missed his brother and started showing signs of aging.  His wonderful doctor, Dr. Kinard, told us that Bleu's kidneys were starting to fail and it would help if Bleu received IV's twice per week.  SO, every week, Bleu and I would travel to receive what we came to call "Bleu Juice".  After receiving "Bleu Juice", he would would play and eat just like a young kitten.  





Bleu in December 2008 snow

 Bleu always enjoyed summer time AND winter time.  He loved to sit on the deck and smell the outdoors.  And in the winter time, Christmas was his favorite time of year.  He loved to help decorate the tree and he loved to watch the snow fall outside.  

Bleu, you are missed so much by everyone who loved you.  I know that you and Rex have been reunited.  Mommy and Daddy can never replace either of you.  You will always hold a very special place in our hearts.  Our lives would not be the same without the memories of you in our hearts.  We love you and thank you for bringing so much joy into our lives.  We miss you everyday!!!



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