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March 23 1996 - February 3 2009

In loving memory of our ROCKY who we love so much. ROCKY will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever. Rocky was a great dog and made our lives better.   It seemed like everytime I was down I could just hang out with Rocky,  and he made me forget what had upset me or made me angry.  Rocky was deeply loved by the whole family.  Everytime he would look at me It was like he had on a perminate smile I called him" my little clown face."   My Brother,Sister and I would take Rocky for long walks through the woods he loved that.  We would also take him down to the creek where we would swim and most of the time bathe him.  He didnt like the bath part to much but when we were done it was a day filled of running and playing.  Rocky will always be in my thoughts I miss him dearly.  But I know in my heart we'll meet again someday. ( to my clown face I love you and miss you!       love your sis,    kelly.)


                 ROCKYS  MEMOIR




I still remember that day,

Mom brought you home,

and there you lay.

So adept in your convivial play

all of us loved you right away.



We grew together side by side

just like family

despite your golden fur coat hide.

You were there when we failed and tried

and most importantly when we cryed.



You knew our flaws and loved us still

tried we might

you always kept the stronger will.

I never thought you'd be gone until you were,

and thats the thought that kills.



So here it is, I love you boy

so dont forget

your memory still holds our joy

and you will be missed boy

despite the peace you now enjoy.


                   written by:   Brittany  Gale  Schultz

                       To:   Rocky


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