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Memorial created 02-9-2009 by
Laura Baylis
Frankie Jr.
April 9 1995 - September 5 2008



Dear Frankie:




I miss so you so much bubby!  I know that you are up in heaven, watching over me at every moment of the day and night.  I think about you, Frankie, all of the time throughout the day.  Your picture is in my car on my visor and  throughout the day I feel better just by looking at your photo, talking to you and giving you a kiss!  



You were and still are my best friend, Frankie.  At one point you've been my son and my psychiatrist.  There wasn't a day that would go by that you weren't with me, sharing my day with me, and my feelings., my ups and my downs.  How many times did I feel like my world was just crashing down on me...and then I'd look at you, or think of you...and soon I'd forget what it was that had me so overwrought!  



I love you Frankie, just as much right this minute as I ever have.   I know that you are still with me, I feel you and I know in my heart that you are here in spirit, if not in body. 



Every night Frank, when I go to bed, I think of you.  I say my prayers, and I ask God to take care of all of my family in heaven, and you are only second to my father, Frank. 
I wish I could be with you Frankie.  I pray that God will bring me into Heaven so that I can be with you when I die and we can be together forever.



Frankie, you were the best friend I ever had and ever will have.  I LOVE YOU MY FRIEND!










Frankie...scoping things out!

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