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Memorial created 02-18-2009 by
Pamela Nigro
March 19 1998 - January 9 2009

In loving memory of our Miala who we love so much. Miala will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.


 It was a beautiful July morning in 1998.  Mom was on her way to BJ’s and somehow (Thanks Grandma!) ended up Steven Swan’s.  It was my first day there and I watched as families came in and all the other dogs raced to the doors to bark and wag their tails.  I laid back as I was not impressed!  Then Mom walked in and I sat up as straight as I could and smiled.  She looked at me and I knew we were meant to be together. 

On our way home, Mom snuck me into her office to show me off.  I had such a good time and really liked all her friends, but I couldn’t wait to go home.  Mom had everything ready for me and made me feel like a princess. 

Mom had to go to work a few days later, so she took me over to babysit for Grandpa.  That was fun so much fun because he would take me for a ride everyday. But soon Grandpa got sick.  Grandpa went to the hospital where I couldn’t visit, but when he came home, Mom & I got to stay with him… and at the end I snuck in and hid under the bed to be close to him and say goodbye.    

Mom & Uncle John were so sad, so I had to try hard to make them laugh.  I let them take turns throwing my ball and playing– it go them to laughed a bit.  Soon Uncle John had to go back to Florida and Mom to work, so I was alone all day.  At first Mom didn’t trust me, so she put me in the kitchen.  I didn’t like that so I’d open the pocket door everyday and sneak into the rest of the house! 

Once the spring came, I didn’t like staying in, so Mom fixed a special bed in the garage and left the door open so I could go out when ever I wanted.  That’s how I met our new mail carrier, Joe C.  I had so much fun playing with him.  He’d always rub my belly before he left!

Mom and I went all over together. Our car had a sunroof and when it got warm, Mom would open it and I was able to stand up and with my head out and hang out.  That was so cool, but she wouldn’t let me out there went it got cold and snowy, though I think that would have been way cool!

Once we had to go to Syracuse in the winter and got caught in a storm.  I didn’t know where we were because I couldn’t see anything but snow!  I kept looking at the huge snowflakes covering the windshield and looked at Mom and back again!  That was pretty scary, but Mom said we’d be ok and we were, thought the next time we visited family in Syracuse, we made sure it was a sunny day!

I made a lot of new friends when ever we out. Most were nice to me, but there was this Rottweiler I didn’t like. Mom got made at me when I slapped him, but she didn’t hear what he said to me!

Anyway, I loved going for rides no matter where we went.  It gave me more opportunities to make friends and get treats!  My favorite places to go were Pet Supply Plus, cause I got to the check out all I had to do was put my paws on the counter and I got lots of great treats!  Our Gas station guys were great too!  They always talked with me and gave me lots of treats.  I met my favorite girlfriend, Marlo, at Rite Aid.  She was always happy to see me.  If she was working, I could call her and she’d come to the window to talk with me.

I even liked going to visit the Vet’s!  I made so many friends there.  They were all so nice to me, particularly the last days. Thank you Dr. Mondi and everyone at NHAH.  I know you did everything you could do to help me.  We all tried our best. I think everyone there thought I was special little girl, as did Mom.

Mom always told me that I was such a good girl so I would always try my best, but sometimes messed up.  Once when I was little and we had used Grandpa’s station wagon to get dirt, bags and bags of dirt!  On our way home she had to stop at work and

wouldn’t let me go in with her, so I thought I’d help her and I opened all the bags.  I spread it all out as even as can be!  Then I found out she really didn’t want it in the car, it was for her garden!  Whoops!  From that day forward I decided to only dig in snow!

Mom and I had a lot of friends who came to visit us and the very special adopted family members.  Lou, I will guard your house from heaven just like I did each day.  I will miss waiting for you to come out and play.  I am so sorry I had to leave you all so soon.  Each of you were very special to me as I think I was to you.  Zach, you are my special boy & want you to know how lucky I was to spend so much time with you Christmas eve.  Uncle John, I loved when you’d come over.  I know Mom put the table by the sofa so I couldn’t jump over that, but I had so much fun jumping over the trunk to greet & play with you when you came over.  I used to love our discussions and how we’d talk… hello!  We did good in the special way we shared our treats didn’t we! You are the best! Thank you for being there with Mom and me at the end.  I love you

Mom, we had so many good times I don’t know where to begin.  I loved our ritual each morning when we played with my breakfast biscuits and at night when we’d get to snuggle up.   And how I used to love to pretend I was driving our car.  Lots of people would stop & ask if I knew how to drive or if I had a license.. when I’d sit in the drivers seat and pretend I was driving.  You’d tell them I only had my permit. I know it’s hard now when everyone asks about me but know how I enjoyed all our outings and the people we met and befriended.

Mom you’ll have to watch for the deer on the road now as I won’t be there to watch like I always did or bark when anyone came close to our home or scare strangers who knocked at the door.  I enjoyed scaring those people for you.

Thank you all who have been there with your loving support for Mom and Uncle John during this difficult time. Though nothing takes away the pain in your heart, it helps knowing so many humans care.

All my love and thanks to you.



Miala, you will forever be in my heart.




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